Part 1 of “Fun with Food Storage”

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Stagg found a group of women who are making it accessible for everyone.

These four friends aren’t planning their next party, or reminiscing about old times. Believe it or not, they’re talking about food storage– and they’re having fun.

“Some people call us the rock stars of food storage because we’re trying to bring it to be hip so you don’t have to do all these things that are out of your comfort zone,” Crystal said.

Yes, she really just used the words “rock star” and “hip” to describe emergency preparedness. But this isn’t your grandmother’s food storage. Julie, Jodie, Andrea and Crystal are all about making being prepared something anyone can do and they’ve created a website to get your dehydrated vegetable juices flowing:

“If we’re going to be researching it, we might as well share it with everybody,” Jodie said.

If the thought of rolling up your sleeves and cracking into that wheat berry makes you want to cower in your storage closet corner, then these girls are the perfect coaches to get you cookin’ with a gas stove…well, eventually. They’ve broken down all the confusion into three simple sections: Plan it, Buy it, and Eat it. Sisters-in-law Julie and Jodie get you started– by planning out your food storage goals. In a little over a year, they’ve gone from just a case of water and some tomato soup their mother gave them to a basement full of food storage.

“We first started to do it because we were told to– everyone said ‘be ready for a big emergency,'” Jodie said.

They thought in terms of a natural disaster, but a few months after they started, Jodie had a different kind of emergency.

“My husband was out of work for a while right after we had started food storage and I could go for two or three months without buying any groceries,” she said.

And with that, they were hooked. They started slowly, and have worked their way up to a basement full of items they use everyday– including the more intimidating bulk items.

“We had never even seen wheat before,” Jodie said. “We were like ‘what are we going to do with wheat? I don’t know how to cook it!'”

Now the ladies grind their own wheat and use it daily– and they say you can to.

“Pick one thing that you find overwhelming, and just work on that one thing and not to set yourself up with any expectations about ever necessarily using it, but just try it, see how it works, and then go from there,” Julie said.

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