Part 2 of “Fun with Food Storage”

Studio 5’s Jennifer Stagg hit the supermarket with Andrea Hansen from “Fun with Food Storage.”

Buying eggs out of a can might not sound very appealing, but Andrea Hansen says once you start doing the math, buying food storage items for everyday use, like powdered eggs, can save you a lot of cash.

“I’ve always gotten a thrill from looking at a receipt and looking to see how much I’ve saved,” Andrea said.

That love of saving money came in handy when her sister and friends started getting interested in food storage.

Andrea became the “Buy it” expert for their website network– Fun with Food Storage dot com.

She took me shopping; hunting for the best bargains for food storage items.

“I found that every store gives great sales and the best thing that you can do is just to become a little bit educated on what are the greatest prices there,” she said. “From there you can get what you need.”

Andrea says most stores that specialize in food storage are overpriced. She says instead of heading there right away, think of what the best way for you to stock up.

“I think that there are three different ways that you can buy your food storage,” she said. “Because everybody is different, everybody has a different lifestyle.”

She says you can either buy an extra item every time you go to the grocery store to slowly build a supply, buy items with coupons, or buy in bulk.

Her biggest tip is to go and try one new item a month– that way, you know if you like it and if you’ll actually use it.

While shopping we found something she’s never tried before– dehydrated beef.

Once you start buying and using food storage, Andrea says it will save you time and money.

She says start small, build up to a full supply, and she’s confident you’ll get hooked.

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