Part 3 of “Fun with Food Storage”

Studio 5’s Jennifer Stagg learned how to actually use your food storage—by making food you and your family will want to eat.

Crystal Godfrey is a master in the kitchen– but her methods are a bit outside the norm.

She showed us how to bake a cake made with food storage items — and she claims it’s delicious.
Claim being the key word.

“Food storage has come so far, in the last 10-15 years that if you haven’t tried it since you were little, they have come huge strides and it’s a lot easier to use now,” she said.

Crystal hasn’t always loved food storage, in fact, she used to despise it.

“My mom cooked a lot with food storage and she hates when I say this, but I grew up promising myself that I would never make my family eat food storage because I felt like it was so bad,” she admitted.

She says she started collecting food storage out of obligation– she felt like she “had” to.

But her attitude has changed a lot over the last couple of years.

“Now I can get a new recipe or if I want to use a new recipe, then I have everything on hand,” she said. “I’m making it from scratch and I have more control over the ingredients I’m putting in. I can make it tailored just how I like it.”

Crystal says her husband, a picky eater, can’t tell a difference when she cooks with food storage.

“You’d think my husband would know by now that when I’m really excited for him to try a recipe, there’s something hidden in it, but he hasn’t caught on,” she said.

Crystal says she loves swapping out traditional ingredients for food storage items– and not only do the finished products fill you up, she says they’re better for you.

She says cooking and baking with food storage is easy, affordable, and like this cake, good for you– or so I justified.

So you can have your cake– and “like” eating it too.

“It’s things that you can do as a normal person with kids and still be hip and cool and like your life for using food storage.” she said.

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