Author Jillayne Clements: Deadly Treasure

He tale is written from the heart, says Glodowski, and is a cozy and entertaining as mysteries can get. The characters are sweet; villains evil; all is all excellent.”

Jillayne Clements appears on Studio 5 and talks about her book and shares tips on how to be a better writer.

Jillayne Clement’s book, Deadly Treasure, has a personal twist. Jill was born in Salt Lake City but was raised primarily in Park City. Her husband is a direct descendent of Thomas Rhoads, which allowed Jill access to non-published accounts of the history behind the Lost Rhoades Mines.

While researching this topic in both published and unpublished works, she stumbled across the real-life murder mystery of Thomas’ son, Enoch Rhoades, whose untimely death while looking for gold, is woven throughout the pages of her novel.

Because of Jillayne’s experience as an author, she offers some ideas to first-time authors.

Jillayne Clements’ Tips for Writing a Novel

Characterization – Characters should be relateable and imperfect. When a reader can relate to or sympathize with the characters in some way, they care what happens to them throughout the story.

Plot – Includes a setting or background, some sort of conflict or problem that needs to be resolved, climax of the story, and then the resolution. Be creative and have fun with it. Sub plots, other issues that are interwoven into the story, are also important to expand upon the plot, and to help develop the characters as well.

Show vs. Tell – Rather than narrorating the story, it’s best to show how it happens. For example, rather than saying “It was a hot day and Henry was sweating.” You could instead show how hot it was. Like, “The air rippled above the black pavement, and Henry’s shirt clung damp around his waist.”

Dialogue – With good dialogue and word choice you shouldn’t need as many adjectives to describe things like your characters emotions. Words used should be natural and more characteristic of true-to-life dialogue. There’s no need to have two characters call each other by name the whole time just so the reader knows who is talking. Show vs. Tell works really well in dialogue.

Check out Jillayne’s website at Also Deadly Treasure is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and other bookstores.

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