Auto Insurance IQ

Most people set up their auto insurance and then forget about it. They
don’t know what their coverage is, let alone if it’s good enough for their
changing needs.

Richard Boulter, from the Insurance Center in Midway explains about auto

Every day we get calls or visits to our office asking for a quote for auto
insurance. One of the key questions we ask is, “What are your present
coverages?” We often get the same response which is, “I don’t know.” We
then gather as much information as possible from the prospective client in
order to give them a proper quote. Part of our office philosophy is to help
our clients understand what their insurance policy can do for them in case
of an incident in the future. By educating them about how protected they
would be, or would not be, if an accident occurred we can determine the
proper level of insurance for them and their family. Our office standard
for limits of auto liability is $100,000/300,000/100,000 (bodily injury per
person/per occurrence/property damage) with equal liability limits of
coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. We also
prefer the personal injury protection level to be at least $5,000. The above
listed coverages are referred to as no-fault insurance. The state required
limits are much lower which can leave the insured person(s) grossly
underinsured. In addition to the liability coverage most people want “full
coverage” on their vehicles. The comprehensive and collision coverages
will meet that need. Be aware that the deductibles chosen can make a
significant difference in the overall insurance premium amount. There are
many other additional coverages that we highly recommend to make sure
that one is fully protected.

Insurance these days is quite confusing to most consumers and often
people rely on those that are trained in the industry. A sure way to know
that you are getting the best advice is to work with someone you can trust.
That is why more people are turning to independent agents who will find
the best company for your exacting insurance needs.

Richard Boulter, with The Insurance Center in Midway, Utah has over
twenty-five years of experience working with people just like you. Do you
want to learn more about what your insurance can do for you? Give me a
call at 435-654-0353 or come see me in beautiful Midway.

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