Stopping the Summer Slide

Your kids are probably spending a lot of time swimming and playing sports
this summer, but are they exercising their minds?

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares her favorite products to help
parents stop the summer slide!

Discover Lit Kits


· Order separately or monthly subscriptions (prices vary)

The research-based, guiding principles that we teach in our DiscoverLit Kits
each month are based on ways to motivate and engage readers
intrinsically! This means we teach kids to love learning because it is SO FUN
to get SMART, not because they are getting stickers or points! The
principles we teach you, as parents, grandparents, home-schoolers, and
caregivers, will truly help you give the gift of life-long learning to a child.
These principles are NOT gimmicks or fads. These are proven principles
that work with all children. Small, daily doses of these activities make a
huge difference over time. Not only will you teach your child what expert
readers and writers DO, but you will do it WITH your child. This powerful
and interactive time WITH your child will build a sweet relationship between
the two of you and allow your child to feel a great sense of belonging.
Belonging is motivating for children.

There are THREE ways you can get Kits.

(1) Pre-Made Kits. Everything is ready to go and all supplies are IN the kit.
It comes in the mail $49 per month. Get a free month with a year
subscription when you pay up front.

(2) Do-It-Yourself Kits. We send you the book, then you download all the
activities that go with that book and supply your own materials for
activities. This is $24 per month with 1 month free with a year subscription

(3) Get Me Started Kit. Download general activities to use with ANY book
on the monthly theme. July’s theme = BACKYARD BIRDS. Get 2 months free
when you pay up front for one year subscription.

Promotion for Studio 5 Viewers:
Get a FREE “Get Me Started” July Download on Backyard Birds. Limited Time
Offer- Good until 5:00 P.M.

Personalized Sight Word Pads


· $24.95 each

Our Personalized Kindergarten Sight Word Pads are a new educational
product for teaching children words that are most often found in the
English language.

Sight word pads have 20 activity pages, printed in color on 70# white
opaque text. The pad also contains a heavy cover sheet that turns into 20
personalized flash cards when cut to size. The pages are padded on the top
edge. Finish size is 11″ x 17″.

Free Learning Downloads and Activity Pages


Favorite Educational Apps

· Cash Cow – Math

· Brain Pop – Science

· Little Writers – Handwriting

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