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Battle of the Protein Bars: Here’s how 11 of the top brands stack up…

Do your favorite protein bars make the top 11?

A protein bar is a great quick grab for a mid-day snack. Or is it? Not all bars are created equal, and they serve different functions in our diets. With so many out there to choose from, our expert breaks down some of the best bars.

Studio 5 Health Contributor Miki Eberhardt shares her thoughts on protein bars in general. Some are great for a meal replacement, but some don’t have all the nutrients you need for that. Those bars are better suited as a snack.

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Top 11 Protein Bars

Best Bar on a Budget:
• Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bar (58 cents per bar)

Best Meal Replacement Bar: (300-330 cal)
• G2G
• Perfect

Best Small Snack Bar: (130-150 cal)
• Perfect Bar Kids
• Built Bar
• Pro Bar Bite

Best Plant Based/Vegan Bar: (no whey protein)
• Clif Nut Butter Bar
• Larabar

Best No Frills Bar: (6 ingredients, all food)
• RX Bar

Best Texture:
• Fit Crunch Bar

Best Bar for Endurance/Weight Gain: (410 cal)
• Pro Bar Meal

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