Be Authentic: Design it Yourself

Studio 5 Contributor Kiersten Blanchard has chosen some of the top “design your own” websites for everything from fragrances to shoes. These websites were selected because of their excellent product and user-friendly web pages.


• Thank you notes, invitations, change of address, holiday cards and much more with a character you design to look like you

• The design process is easy and very fun. Just select hair color and style, facial features, clothing and accessories to create the look you want.

• Cost is around $2.00/card and there is a minimum order of 15 cards – Studio 5 viewers are offered a 10% discount good through November 30th using the coupon code “Studio 5”

• You can even design a card and e-mail it for free after you design it by clicking on “send this to a friend.”

• Full-color Paper People stationary and cards

• Select one to up to 5 people to appear on your card. Choose from 126 characters that represent different ages, genders, and interests (and even include choices of pets). Then include a message or your family’s name in your choice from 53 fonts.

• Cost ranges from a set of 2 pads for $24 (depending on the size of the pad) to a set of 25 cards for $24.

• The website often runs promotional discounts on product and shipping.


• Design a scent that is a mixture of your favorite fragrances. Choose from 50 different fragrances that include everything from Apple or Cinnamon to Daisy or Musk. The list is bound to have something for everyone. With 50 base fragrances, there are over 10 million options.

• Website includes a fragrance list that describes scents and offers suggestions for those that are best as “a hint of” scents.

• The websites also includes “recipes” of past customers to get your creative juices flowing.

• Cost is very affordable at $20 for a 1 oz. bottle with up to 5 different fragrances or $10 for a 1/3 oz. bottle with up to 3 different fragrances.

• They also offer another try if you are not satisfied with your creation.


• Bracelets made from Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver beads.

• Choose the color of the crystal, clasp, message bead and optional charm, and size

• 25% or more of the purchase prices goes to appropriate national charity (50% to cystic fibrosis) Website includes colors and corresponding causes to help you decide.

• Comes in a beautiful box and makes a great gift – 7 inches is usually a safe size for a gift, but use either the Double Toggle or Lobster with 1″ Extender Clasp to help ensure that it will fit.

• Cost is $49.95 – Studio 5 viewers are offered a 10% discount good through October 31st using the coupon code “Studio 5”

• Their Mothers bracelets are also very popular, and can be customized with names and birthstones in 1 to 4 strands. Visit

Purses/bags fabric handbags

• Hip handbags you design by selecting from a vintage inspired shape and fabric. Select any shape from a clutch to a weekender.

• They are so popular they are taking 4 weeks to ship, so order early. They are worth the wait.

• Dimension of each bag are included on the website along with suggestions for picking contrasting fabrics. Vintage brooch embellishments are also available.

• They have their own collection which can give you ideas for your own design.

• Cost starts at $40 and goes up depending on the style you select.

• You can also visit Bari’s Blog: or call 925-785-5469

Recipe book

• Design your own cookbook. Include only your own recipes, recipes from you family, or your entire neighborhood.

• Choose for several different options. Choose your cover, dividers, recipe format and ink color, paper, special pages and index.

• Order a free kit by clicking on the “Order a Cookbook Kit” button on the left side of the screen.

• Cost depends on how many recipes are included and how many books are ordered. The minimum order is 100. So, keep in mind, these make great gifts. It’s set up as a fundraiser, but you can buy them all yourself instead of selling and making a profit.

• It’s too late to order for Christmas this year, but they make great Mother’s Day gifts, and the company often runs promotions just for Mother’s Day.


• Keds Studio is the first fully customizable shoe program, allowing consumers to upload their own graphics, photographs, artwork and text to create a truly one of a kind custom Keds shoe.

• In addition consumers are also able to choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns, as well as a variety of unique, pre-made designs to provide creative inspiration.

• Keds Studio offers five styles of Keds’ Champions for women and kids that are fully customizable.

• Cost ranges from $50 to $60 in styles which include lace-ups, slip-ons and mini slip-ons.

• Visit to see what others have already designed!

• As you’ll see on their website, their “soft soled leather shoes feature durable rubber Sof-Touch® or Vibram® soles, and the boot soles are lined with genuine sheepskin.” Their soft soled moccasins feature sheepskin soles that can be rolled up in your hand.

• They make and ship the shoes within 1-4 days.

• There are 9 different children’s styles and 3 adult styles to choose from. Styles vary from Classic to Mary Janes or Boots.

• Cost begins at $44 dollars and goes up depending on the style and size. – Studio 5 viewers are offered a 15% discount good through October 31st using the coupon code “Studio 5”

Other “Design Your Own” Websites:

Business Cards: – starting at $30 for 500

Candy: – can personalize message, color, and even add a picture

Jeans: – for the perfect-fitting pair of jeans for around $60

If I haven’t listed what you’re looking for, just type “design your own ___________” (fill in the blank) into a search engine. Many possibilities will present themselves. Happy creating!

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