Fit to Flatter: Online Figure Assessment

It’s a question asked by online shoppers everywhere: ‘Will this really look good on me?’
Emily McCormick knows the struggle. But as owner of the online dress company, Shabby Apple, she wanted to develop a solution.

“Especially being a web-based company, we deal with women saying “I don’t know what is going to look good at me” all the time. And we always laugh at the fact that it’s so hard to sell to women because, as women, we are so picky about what we look like.”
So Emily developed “Fit to Flatter,” an online tool that helps women of every body type learn how to dress.
“First, we wanted educate women on what body type they have,” Emily explains.
“We ask three simple questions and by answering those questions they can determine their individual body type.”
After users determine their individual body type, they receive specific wardrobe suggestions.
“We wanted to be specific and say, ‘If you have big hips–wear an a-line skirt to will hide them.’ Or, ‘If you have a small waist, accent it with a belt, ‘” Emily says. ”
We also wanted to de-bunk the myth that there is only one body type. There isn’t one body type and there is beauty in every single body type.”

“Fit to Flatter” is a free online tool provided by Shabby Apple. To try it out, visit

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