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Be Involved: Project 3/50

Amber Willson owns her own local company, Bags That Fit, and is one of the many independent business owners throughout the world taking part in the 3/50 Project. Amber explains with us what the 3/50 Project is and shares some ideas on how you can get involved and help support your local businesses.

• What is an independent retailer-A store front retailer that has no affiliation with any national brand and is solely run and operated by the owner who is a member of the community. Bags That Fit is an independent retailer and that we are a supporter of the 3/50 project.

• Choose your top “3” local independent retailers that they would miss if they were out of business.

• Take $50 a month to spend in 3 businesses to help them stay in business. If they were to spend $50 a month it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue. Imagine the impact if 3/4 the employed population did that.

• If you bought a $100 pair of jeans at an independent retailer like Bags That Fit, $68 would return to the local community through taxes, payroll, and other expenses. If you spend that same $100 in a national chain, only $43 would go back into the local community. If you spend it online NOTHING comes home.

• You have the power to help your own local economy based on where you choose to spend your money. Bags That Fit supports the local community by employing local women and giving local women vendors a place to sell their products.

For more information and to find out how to get involved in 3/50 Project, go to their website-

Or to get in contact with a local business already involved, contact Amber Willson at-

Bags That Fit

127 E Main Street Suite C

Lehi, UT 84043

Ph 801-341-6288

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