Style File: 5 Beauty “Must-Haves” for Summer

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone reveals her five summer beauty “must-haves.”


You never know when you might catch a chill. Stores, movie theaters, restaurants, museums etc keep the thermostats low to compensate for the heat outside. Keep your hoodie close to keep you warm. And keep it sassy because you never know who you may run in to or when you need to make a good first impression. Your jogging suit hoodies are more boxy and less flattering to most figure types. Look for one that has elements of interest/details, and is cut to flatter your curves.

Holly’s Pick: Big Rock Clothing Company, $39.99 – 79.99


Whether for church, a wedding reception, or just a night out, a summer dress is as versatile as it is comfortable. Find one that fits your style, choose fabrics that flow. Long or short doesn’t matter as long as you love the way you look in it!

Holly’s Pick: Macy’s, $39.99 – $99.99


If you are rotating last summer’s wardrobe, consider that the Capri length trend has shifted. Capris are not as long as they were last season. Consider buying a Capri that fits your figure THIS SEASON. Buy in a neutral color and you have a fail-safe option to go with just about anything. Remember, the Capri should end above or below the widest part of your calf so as to not draw attention to the width.

Holly’s Pick: TJMaxx, $19.99 – 39.99


Amusement parks, museums, travel city tours, carnivals, hiking–summer is a season for A LOT of walking. New sandals or a hot, humid climate can yield painful blisters and tired, sore feet. Help is here!

Holly’s Pick: Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister, Cushions $4.99 Walmart

• Sterilized for safe use on open blisters

• Cushioning gel pad relieves pain while protecting    the blister

• Waterproof, superior adhesive stays in place for    multi-day use

• Seals out water, dirt and germs that can cause    infection

Holly’s Pick: Dr. Scholl’s Memory Fit Plus Customizing Foot Beds $12.99 Walmart

• Molds to the unique shape of your foot

• Feels like a new insole with every step

• Contoured to cradle your heel and support your    arch

• Extra cushioning in heel and ball-of-foot where you    need it most


Summertime can be rough on the skin and hair. Sun, heat, chlorine/salt and wind strip hair of precious oils and create a dull, brittle texture. Skin is left flaky, irritated and dull.

Holly’s Pick: Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask $14.95

Extra hydration keeps the skin soft and supple and can also help prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles. Using this creamy, emollient-packed mask 2x a week gives your skin a power boost of moisture.

• Unique combination of rich plant oils provides    essential fatty acids and lipids dry skin needs to    replenish itself

• Contains plant and vitamin-based antioxidants to    reduce inflammation

Holly’s Pick: Keratonics Repairing Hair Mask $24.90

Restore moisture and shine by using this hair mask 1x a week. Leave on hair for 20 minutes for maximum results.

• Advanced, silk-derivative technology from Japan

• Features global butters to improve shine and    replenish severely damaged hair

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