Beach Cruiser Eye Candy

Beach Cruiser Eye Candy

Jennifer Stagg highlighted a woman’s two-wheel summertime craze, road biking. A second favorite among cyclists, the beach cruiser.

Salt Lake City Bicycle Company loaned us this one. But beyond the bicycle, now there are trendy options in bling.

1. Basket and basket liners

2. Streamers

3. Valve caps

4. Bells

5. Cup Holders

We searched online and all over the valley, and found that the Salt Lake City Bicycle Company had the best selection of beach cruisers! We found our accessories online at was formed in 2005 and strives to provide the public an affordable well built, stylish cruiser. Based out of California, you know you are getting the best quality!

Beach Bikes

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Salt Lake City Bicycle Company is a friendly bike shop located in downtown Salt Lake City. Expect a unique bike shop experience when you walk into their store!

Salt Lake City Bicycle Company

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