Being Green: Saving Green

Now a new, local company will come to your home and evaluate exactly how you can be “green”, saving energy and money, and still have all the comforts you want.

Raymond Crane, from Saving Green, helps home buyers and homeowners.

You deserve better comfort, and a better return on your hard earned cash and that’s what Saving Green provides for you. We’re here to evaluate your home and find savings for you through making your home greener and more energy efficient.

Take our suggested laundry pure system for example. This Laundry system provides you with clean clothes on a molecular level through Space Technology without the use of Hot Water or Laundry Detergent. So now you can save money on detergent and hot-water, take the allergens out of your clothes and have more hot water for more important things like hot showers!


We’re a local company that was founded in 2009 to bring a value to its customers continually by providing evaluations and green systems that will give back to our clients year after year to their comfort, their wallet’s comfort and Mother Earth’s too.

What do we do?

Saving Green, 1st of all provides Home Buyers with Utility Evaluations to show how efficient their future home is compared to the Utah average. It’s like the Miles per gallon rating on your car so that you can find out before you buy which house will save you $1200/year in utilities over the average Utah home versus the one that will cost you $1200 over the Utah average.
Secondly, for Home Owners we provide the road map with our Green Evaluation and One-day Green Remodels to make your home greener and more energy efficient for your comfort, your wallet’s comfort and Mother Earth’s too.
Saving Green provides its customers with these specialized services:

Utility Evaluations: A home utility evaluation will compare your future home’s efficiency with the National and Utah Averages. This is great for home buyers that not just want to find a house but an energy efficient and comfortable home. Today’s wise home buyers don’t just look at the upfront price any more, but they also look at how efficient the home is because they know that it can mean the difference in paying or saving $1200 more in utilities every year when compared to the Average Utah Home. You wouldn’t buy a car and then find out what the MPG is after. So find out how efficient your home is today, before you buy and start Saving Green from day one.

Green Evaluations: Saving Green also provides green evaluations to home owners to show them how to start saving green in your home from replacing light bulbs with CFL’s to installing Solar panels. With your Green Evaluation you’ll receive a cash-flow analysis of several options to help your home be more comfortable, more efficient, and greener. Just look at a simple thing like changing out the aerator on your bathroom faucet to one more efficient. Cost $10, Savings per year $25, and Your Return on Investment 273%. Now who wouldn’t want to do that and get $25 by paying forward just $10.

One Day Green Remodels: After you have the Green Evaluation you have the power of decision to choose the best products to improve your home and your comfort and Saving Green can provide and install those great products for you to get you started in Saving Green Today!

Professional Referrals: Have you thought of going with Solar Panels or Geo Thermal Systems when rebates are super high right now? Saving Green works with several professionals to provide you with the best service on high-end remodeling and green energy generation for your home. After you’ve started conserving and are ready to start generating your own power and to start receiving checks from the power company rather than paying one, then we get you in contact with the right people to get the job done right for you. One Example – with the right Certified Electrical Contractor working on your Solar Panels your combined rebates and tax credits will save you from 40-70% on your Solar Panel System this year. Now’s the time to buy Solar.

Rebate Analysis: Wouldn’t you like to find out before you remodel what your utility rebate and tax credits will be. Well Saving Green is allianced with your local utility companies and trained to know your available rebates before you buy so you can make the best decision with your hard earned cash.


Does this happen to you?

Have you ever…

• Had kids who left the lights on?

• Been surprised by a $100 utility bill or more?

• Had an allergic reaction from laundry detergent?

• Waited for the hot water after you turn it on?

• Felt a chill in your own home even though the doors and windows are all shut?

• Wondered how much it would cost to go to solar panels or geo-thermal?

• Wanted to get a check from the utility company rather than pay one?

Our job is to come in, discover the underlying problem list out the possible solutions along with their cash-flow analysis and get your home on the path to more comfort for you, your wallet, and Mother Earth.

I. Solutions and Benefits
Here are some examples for you that are Inexpensive and huge savers:

• If you’re home is like mine you always find one or two lights that are always left on. If you’re tired of making those daily rounds of turning off the lights then it’s time to get a motion detector switch to save that headache and give yourself a return on your investment of 48% just in the first year.

• Secondly, we have what’s called a faucet aerator. This little guy may seem small but when inserted into your bathroom faucet it pays you back with a return on your investment of 273%.

• Our last example is this water peroxide converter for your laundry system. This great Space Technology cleans and kills bacteria on your clothes on the molecular level and thus it does not require Hot Water or Laundry Detergent. This magnificent system then saves you the cost of your detergent, $120 in your hot water bill, and more importantly it keeps the chemicals/allergens off of your children’s clothing and out of our water system.

We wanted to show these to let you know that there are great and inexpensive ways to start Saving Green Today! I did an evaluation the other day and found the home to be so efficient because of all the small things the owner had done that he was saving $700 each year over the Average Utah Home.

You can receive 50% off your Green Evaluation if you call or email today. (Tuesday 3/9/20) Mention Studio 5 to save $100 off your evaluation. Email Raymond at or call 801-440-6548. You can also learn more at

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