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Benefits of Gratitude: 5 ways being grateful improves your life

There are some benefits of gratitude you might not have expected.

Gratitude – it’s something we all want to have more of. Not only this month, but all year round. So, we want to know…if I’m grateful, then what? What happens next?

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend shares the benefits of gratitude.

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5 Benefits of Gratitude

Daily Gratitude: A Health Booster

Gratitude isn’t just about feeling good; it significantly influences our health. Research reveals that practicing gratitude can improve cardiac health and improve sleep quality. When we go to bed with thoughts of gratitude, it positively affects our rest, making us wake up more content and rejuvenated.

Curbing Overeating and Boosting Willpower

By appreciating what we have, we shift our focus from constantly seeking the next thing to feeling content with what we possess. This change in perspective leads to more positive thoughts and diminishes the root cause of overindulgence—negative thinking.

Enhancing Resilience and Self-Confidence

Gratitude acts as a source of energy, enhancing our resilience and willpower to make healthier choices, such as exercising regularly. It fosters self-confidence, empowers decision-making, and promotes a mindset focused on personal growth and improvement.

Strengthening Relationships and Reducing Envy

Expressing gratitude in relationships is a game-changer. It not only fosters better communication, but also reduces jealousy and envy. By acknowledging the good in our lives, we become less materialistic and more appreciative of intangible blessings.

Rewriting History and Boosting Productivity

Gratitude allows us to revisit past memories with a more positive lens. By infusing gratitude into our history, we can reinterpret experiences and find lessons that contribute to our growth. It also significantly boosts productivity, both in personal and professional spaces.

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