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Getting your teen a phone for Christmas? 3 ways to approach this big decision

If you’re getting your teen a phone this year, have a parenting plan in place.

With Black Friday just around the corner, flashy sales, especially on smartphones, may already be grabbing your attention.

If you’re considering buying your child their first phone this Christmas, Emily Jones, from Family Tech University, shares a comprehensive parent checklist to make this decision with confidence.

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How to Approach Getting Your Teen a Phone

Emily emphasizes the importance of helping children build an internal filter before introducing significant tech into their lives. It’s a shift away from merely focusing on safety measures to empowering kids to discern between good and bad tech influences.

Gradual Introduction to Technology

The gradual approach involves starting with a basic text and call-only phone. Monitoring how kids handle this limited tech helps gauge their discipline before progressing to a limited smartphone with approved apps, and eventually, a full-fledged smartphone with stringent filters.

Providing Empowering Training

Empowering kids with an owned opinion about technology is paramount. Encouraging open discussions and sharing information that allows them to form their own opinions about the impact of tech on their lives helps shape responsible usage.

Courage to Step Back

Parents, too, are prone to mistakes. Emily urges the importance of having the courage to admit when too much tech freedom has been granted and taking a step back if necessary. It’s never too late to reassess and adjust tech privileges for the well-being of the child.

Empowering kids with responsible tech usage involves a gradual process, open communication, and the courage to reassess. The aim is not just safety but also equipping them with the ability to make wise decisions in a digital world.

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