Best Digital Accessories

Get ready to love the hi-tech gadgets you already own, even more. Jessica
Foust, with Top Ten Reviews, shows off digital accessories that will make your
favorite gadgets, more useful and more fun!

1. Mobislyder – Take home movies up a notch. It’s like a dolly for the
iPhone. Take great looking video with iphone.

2. Olloclip – Attachable lenses for iPhone. How the iPhone can take better
pics than DSLRs with extra lenses like these.

3. iHangy iPhone Necklace-A stylish way to keep your iPhone within reach.

4. Zagg Shields – Have to protect your expensive items.

5. Zagg Logitech Keyboard – a keyboard is a must if you want to do
anything other than small emails on an iPad. Definitely necessary.

6. Dodocase – Most popular iPad case. They make your tablet/phone look
like a book.

7. Shure SE535 Sound-Isolating earphones – over $500. Sound is
extremely important and these devices don’t pump out great audio on their
own. That’s why you’ll still need a great pair of headphones.

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