Best Family-friendly Bike Paths

On a nice day, there’s nothing like taking your family on a bike ride. Utah is home to some of the best bike paths around, perfect for all ages and abilities.

Outdoor enthusiast Sheryl McGlochlin has selected some of her favorite family-friendly bike paths around.

Provo River Parkway

· 15 miles one way
· Gradual Terrain
· Vivian Park in Provo Canyon to Utah Lake
· Bridal Veil Falls
· Tunnels
· Bridges
· Tall Shade Trees
· Several Parks
· Shops/Stores
· Wooded Areas
· Provo River
· Utah Lake
· Provo Canyon

Farmington Creek, Lagoon Section

· 2.6 miles RT
· Near the mountain
· Out and Back
· Easy, family friendly
· Beautiful, tall shade trees
· Nature trail
· Fishing Pond
· Connects to Bonneville Shoreline Trail (dirt trail)
· Next to the Lagoon Amusement Park
· Wildlife sitings of Elk, Buffalo, Horses, Cattle
· Benches
· Picnic Tables

Jordan Narrows Bike Trail

· West side of Thanksgiving Point
· 50+ mile trail
· Utah, Salt Lake and Davis County
· Follows the Jordan River
· Quiet, less popular section
· More isolated
· More in the country
· Passing Windmills
· Exposed Trail most of the way
· Great views of Mt. Timpanogos and Lone Peak – 2 of the highest peaks in the Wasatch Mountain range
· Winds around
· Bridges
· Camp Williams nearby
· I’ve ridden my bike on or around harmless snakes “sunbathing” on the trail on hot summer days
· I’ve spotted an eagle in a tree along this remote trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Parleys Canyon section

· Mouth of Parley’s Canyon
· BST is currently 100+ miles long
· Great views of Suicide Rock, named after an old Indian legend
· Biking over Freeways
· Up and down hills
· Great views of the Salt Lake valley
· May need to walk your bike in some areas
· Connects to other trails
· A newer side trail passes a popular dog park: Tanner Park

Porter Rockwell Trail

· 10.7 miles in length
· Draper area
· Rail Trail
· Great views looking north into the Salt Lake Valley
· Variety of Scenery
· Close to the mountains
· South end of the Salt Lake valley

Riverdale Weber River Parkway

· Gentle, beautiful river trail
· 2.9 miles one way
· Connects with the Ogden River
· Similar in beauty to the Provo River Trail

Paved Trails are open to multi-sports:

· Biking
· Skateboarding
· Walking
· Jogging
· Roller blading

Basic Safety Tips:

· Don’t bike alone regardless of your age, use the buddy system
· Since many trails are several miles long, do a “leg” at at time
· Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return
· Bring water and drink often
· Wear a helmet

Assortment of features found along most paved trails:

· Public parks
· Nature & wildlife preserves
· Benches
· Grassy areas
· Golf Courses
· Picnic tables
· Pavilions
· Restrooms
· Playgrounds
· Parking lots
· Canoe or kayak marinas
· Model Airplane ports
· Equestrian areas
· Tunnels
· Bridges
· Beautiful tall shade trees
· Twists and turns
· Many are easy and level, while others have ups and downs
· FYI: You can always get off your bike and walk!
· Some are long
· Some are short.
· Many connect with other trails

· Plenty of “exits” along the way

Resources for additional Paved Bike Trails in Utah

For more information, contact Sheryl McGlochlin, Outdoor Adventure Specialist

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