Best Font Services

Jessica Foust of Top Ten Reviews rates the best online font services.

Today’s design world is littered with modern, clean and professional products. It’s easy to set yourself apart from the rest by having the best typefaces in your creative arsenal.

Font services not only supply fonts for books, scrapbooks or other printed materials but also licensed fonts for logos or product labeling and digitized fonts for cell phones, games, websites, or other electronic, digital mediums.

TopTenREVIEWS rates each font service according to their inventory selection, website features, ease of use, and help/support.


It has the biggest font selection of any other font download service. It should be your first stop when searching for a font online.

2. MyFonts

It has a sleek, clean design with tons of extras and a wide selection of fonts to keep you busy. You can’t search for fonts alphabetically, but if you’re looking for a fun font with a professional feel, MyFonts is a great site.

3. Linotype

It has a long standing history of success unmatched by competitors. However it has a maze of content that takes awhile to get used to navigating.

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