Best of Back-to-School Organization

Set your home up for success with the best of back-to-school organization ideas!

Professional Organizer Leanne Jacobs shares a few suggestions.

Life can be super busy and we all need ideas to make school days go a little easier. Here are some organizing ideas that will make your mornings and after school go a little smoother.

School Clothes- Plan your child’s clothes for the whole week by using a clothes hook and labeling for each day of the week. Or use hooks and let your child decide between 2 different outfits for school that day. Hang them on hooks the night before and let your child make the decision in the morning. Always involve your child or give them a choice so there’s no drama.

Clipboards- Hang clipboards for each child with a pencil attached to the board. When the child comes home from school have them attach their homework to the board. They always know where their homework is plus they have a hard surface to write on and it’s portable. Since a lot of us are running to sports games and practices, they can just grab the clipboard and bring it with them.

Homework Caddy- Fill a tote, basket or bucket with supplies that are needed to complete homework assignments. All the supplies are in one place and it’s also portable. Ideas: lined paper, color paper, ruler, index cards, stapler, markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, scissors, tape, glue sticks, erasers, crayons and calculator.

After School Snack Basket- Use snack size baggies and fill with snacks for after school. They’re easy to grab on the go if you need to head out to lessons and they’re a good way to control portion sizes for snacks.

After School Routine Printable- This free printable was found at . I framed it and placed it in my youngest son’s cubby in the mudroom. He has been using it since preschool and still follows the same routine 4 years later.

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