Supermarket Strategies

Your weekly trip to the grocery store just got simpler and shorter. Krista Numbers, with Simplify Supper, shows you how to get in and out of the grocery store in 15 minutes with a week worth of meals!

Tip #1 Know What You Need

Use the Simplify Supper website to pick recipes and create a shopping list.

Tip #2 No Back Tracking

Make one trip through the store with no back tracking.

Tip #3 Shop in the Morning

Shop in the morning when stores are less crowded, shelves are stocked and kids’ tummies are full and their energy is high.

Tip #4 Put Your Kids to Work

Getting your kids involved in the shopping and in the kitchen is a great learning opportunity and makes them more likely to eat the food you make.

Tip# 5 Create an Exit Strategy

Avoid tantrums and meltdowns by letting kids help at the checkout. Let kids know in advance if treats your shopping trip includes treats.

Visit Krista Numbers at for a variety of resources that will help you Simplify Supper!

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