Best Websites for Homework Help

Students at Neumont University in South Jordan have compiled the three websites they found to be the most helpful for these aspects of high school life.

Stacy Hughes, Communications Manager at Neumont University reveals the three websites


1. is a great site for math questions – especially for those of us who have been out of the math world for long enough to forget the order of operations or how to multiply exponents!
Order of Operations:

2. Writix has excellent study skills and tips and even includes planners and schedule budgeters to help make sure you kids are on the right track and preparing to their best ability.
Developing a Schedule:

3. is a site incredibly helpful for researching colleges. It also helps match students up with scholarship opportunities, learn about and get recruited by more than 720- colleges and universities from around the world and allows students to connect with other students who are going through the same, sometimes frustrating, process.


Neumont University also recently launched the SuperBot Challenge, a programming competition for high school students. Students can log-on to for more information and there is a section for teachers as well, if they are interested in getting their classrooms involved.

Winners can qualify for scholarships and Best Buy gift cards, and teachers can win classroom improvement grants. Up to a full tuition scholarship may be awarded to SuperBot Challenge participants who show exceptional academic promise, a strong background in computer science and potential to excel in Neumont’s rigorous environment.

Neumont University is located in South Jordan and specializes in technology. For more information, visit


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