October Theme: Find Time

Fatima Doman, a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with Franklin Covey shares the crucial first step to effective time management.

1. In order to manage your time successfully you first must be clear on your priorities.

Ineffective: I live by default.

Effective: I live by design.

2. The key characteristics of an effective personal mission statement include:

a. Expresses principles of effectiveness and the core values you choose to live by.

b. Provides direction and purpose.

c. Challenges and inspires you to be your best self.

d. Addresses all four human needs: mind, body, heart, and spirit

3. Draft of a personal mission statement:

a. The things that matter most to me are …

b. The principles I will use to guide my life are …

c. I will make a contribution and enjoy life by using my talents of …

d. I will live with purpose in the following key roles of life …

e. As a [name role], I will [name responsibilities]

Fatima Doman is passionate about coaching others to succeed and in addition to her work with FranklinCovey, runs Ascend Coaching, her personal coaching business.

You can contact Fatima at (435)513-5331

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