Best Websites for Saving Money

“I’ve been very successful in the past in being able to repair, clean, restore, etc., items that would normally cost to have a professional come out to do. My helpful site is ….. After reading directions I can decide if it is something that I can handle or if it beyond my means of confidence.” (Linda Neff)

“I love make-up, but it is so expensive especially if you go to the department stores. There is a great website called where all the regular make-up is a dollar and only five dollars for mineral make-up. They have lotions and other things too for a great price. They compare their make-up to the department stores, and after using it I haven’t been able to tell the difference.” (Stephanie Larsen)

“I am a big scrapbooker, but I used to find that getting prints of my pictures was pretty pricey. My father-in-law told me about It does take about 2-3 days to get my pictures after I order them, but for the amount I save, and the quality of my prints, it’s definitely worth it!” (Janell Cropper)

“My Shopping” saves me lots of money. It brings together major search engines and shopping sites listed on the internet. …. I’ve found some awesome deals, toothpaste $65, mouthwash $.20 a bottle, case of toilet paper (96 rolls) $8.40, ink cartridge $1.95. FREE SOFTWARE! YES, FREE!! Go to” (Gwen Smith)

“I go to They have coupons and recipes. I check every week for new coupons.” (Mary Ann)

“I use different groups on Everything is free. You can give away things you no longer need or that need repair that you don’t know how to do or don’t have time for. Others can take them and keep them out of the landfill. You can ask for things. If someone has it laying around to give, you may get it for free.” (Terri White)

“I love Freebee Force! Everyday I get a new freebie. If you sign up- you get all you want! [Link to:]” (Robin Thomas)

“For books before I always buy I check to see if the book is on
If they don’t have the book you want, add it to the “wish list” and they will email you when it comes in. They often have great promotions where the books are even more on sale or you can buy “Scratch and Dent” books.” (Becky)

“My Favorite site is Is a great forum that you can post any savings you find and others are posting also. Plus they have a huge database of coupons.” (Dusty)

“Although we like those standard websites, like Amazon and, my husband and I both have the same favorite money-saving website. is where we always purchase our eyeglasses. All we need is the prescription from the eye doctor, and the pupillary distance, which is the distance between the center of your pupils while focusing on a distant point. My husband measures his own PD, but I always ask the doctor for it when he gives me the prescription. Their prices start at only $8, and that includes both the frames and the lenses. It’s a killer deal which we always like to share with our friends, especially if they have kids who wear glasses. BIG money-saver.” (Amanda Matthews)

“I am sure that you will get a lot of answers just like mine! is the best way to save money on everything from food to seasonal items, online and around town. I have built up a very nice food storage with the savings from PYP!” (Sheri Thompson)

“My favorite for Utah is: PYP is great to save money on groceries and anything else out there. This is a fabulous site and you’ll probably get a lot of people mentioning this one and the next one. I also use: I like the two above because they are ran mostly by Utah people. has some great deals that are nation wide. So the deal might not always be available here.” (Kellie Stucki)

“I use along with to help save on groceries and use coupons. I also use to get free samples. Before I buy books I look on That website tells you which website has the cheapest books. Very helpful for books for college!!” (Heather Craghead)

“For $5 a month, tells you which stores have the best deals for the week. It also tells you when to wait for a better price. It includes Macey’s, Harmon’s, Smith’s, and Reams and will tell you if Costco has a better price. The site also tells you how to start or build upon your food storage one week at a time.” (Diane Rowan)

“I love to visit, and They find the deals for me, and tell me what coupons to use and where to find them! Takes 30 minutes a week to plan, clip and save!” (Krystal)

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