Black Friday Shopping Tips

Jennie Larsen owner of Black Friday Apparel shares tips and strategy for making a successful shopping trip.

1) Get your ads EARLY! And watch the mail!

It’s easy to get distracted Thanksgiving morning getting ready for dinner that night and watching the parade, just remember FIRST THING get up early and go get a paper!! The ads go out Thanksgiving morning and the papers SELL OUT quick. Also, quite a few merchants send ads in the mail a few days prior, so watch the mail! IF all else fails, you can get them online.

2) Make an “At a glance” sheet for each store you visit.

When going through the ads get some scissors, tape and cardstock. Cut out the items you want from each store and tape them to a sheet. When you get to the store grab your sheet for that store and know exactly what you’re there for. Don’t waste time re-fumbling through the ads!

3) Strategize your shopping!

Strategizing is everything! When going with a group or even one other person, bring your phones or walkie talkies, decided in advance who’s going for what, have one person scoping out short lines, 2 back to toys, 2 to electronics. Everyone helps to get what’s on everyone’s list!

4) Remember PRICE MATCHING!!

Some larger merchants like Wal-Mart price match. If there is a door buster deal at one store that you must have, but another great deal somewhere else, cross check your adds online to see if that merchant carries it. If so put it on your at a glance sheet to price match! The store has to see the ads. Note: Items HAVE to be EXACT!!

5) Freezing FIRST In line!

It’s no secret that when you arrive at a store at 2 am at the end of November (at least here in Utah) It’s FREEZING!! And knowing that the doors don’t open until 5 am, you have to be creative to stay warm and help time to go by. GET LAUGHING!! It not only warms your body physically, but also your heart and soul. Huddle close, share funny stories, bring holiday music & some hot chocolate or coffee. Before you know it, the doors are getting ready to open and the Holiday shopping season is about to begin! NOTE: Most heat from your body escapes from your head. Wear a good warm hat (see BFF chunky knit cap; it’s warm and covers the ears)

6) Wear boots and dress in layers

When in crowded stores with overzealous shoppers racing and fighting for the best deal, you will get your feet stepped on and the back of your hills ran into with shopping carts. Good, comfortable boots help to minimize pain! Remember: Baby it’s cold outside but once in the stores, your adrenaline is pumping, you’re running, and the crowds are large. Dressing in layers allows you to quickly take off a few items!

7) Pass up the shopping cart!

If possible, DON’T get a cart! The aisles are very crowded and if you have a cart you will spend most of your time standing in a traffic jam. If you have help RUN, grab your door buster, then get a cart once you have what you need.

8) Get there first or last!

Remember, if you’re there for a “DOOR BUSTER” prize you have to be one of the first people in line. If you’re there for just the great Black Friday door buster sales, stay toasty warm in your car and get in line when the doors open. The line moves into the store quickly, and chances of you getting that door buster sale from the back of the line are just as good as from your car. Most stores are well stocked and you will still be able to get most items from your list if you are with the first crowd entering the store.

9) Sale items are on pallets- not just on shelves!

On Black Friday know this: Don’t expect to find the on sale DVDS in the DVD section, or the MUST HAVE new Scene It by board games! Most of the items in the ads are put throughout the stores on pallets. Keep your eyes open and if you see someone carrying something you need and ask them where they got it. It you find a swarm of people around what you need, ASK if someone close will hand you one. We’re all in this together!!

10) Cut in front of cash registers to find a line

When you’ve got your loot and ready to check out you will find ENDLESS lines. Check out lines run throughout the store and down aisles. It is extremely hard to find where one line begins and another ends. DO NOT wind through the back of the store trying to find the end of a line. You will most likely get caught in a traffic jam this way. Instead, go in front of the registers and find a line. Usually most people assume all the lines are endless. 9 times out-of-10 when you get out of the crowd you can spot a short line. NOTE: Camera bar, jewelry counter and sometimes even the pharmacies will check you out. At Sam’s club the Tobacco line will also check you out!

11) Last, but most important: GOOD WILL TOWARDS MEN

Lets all remember to help our fellow men. Be courteous, kind and helpful to others. NO ITEM is worth treating others disrespectfully or inhumanly. It is Christmas after all, and shopping is not what it’s all about! “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

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