New Uses for Old Things: The Studio 5 Challenge

Our staff came up with basic, ordinary objects and challenged Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter to use those items in a brand new way. The results will get your creative juices flowing.

It is amazing what can be made with items that are headed to the garbage or to a thrift store. Look at “old” items in a whole new way and think “out of the box” when it comes to creating something new.

ITEM: Team Tee Shirt or Sport Jersey
IDEA: Chair Seat Cover

Purchase a chair with a removable seat from a thrift store or consignment type store. Remove seat. Paint chair to match or coordinate with shirt or jersey. Slip shirt over seat and pull taught. (Cut a piece of the sleeve or middle of the back of the shirt and sew under neck piece before placing on seat to add height – if neck of shirt will show on seat.) Tack to back of chair pulling and trimming excess fabric in the middle if necessary. Place seat on chair. A fun idea would be to have the team sign the chair.

Other ideas:
   • Make coordinating pillows, quilts or wall hangings.
   • Cover a lampshade.
   • Make a book bag.

ITEM: Metal Bird Cage
IDEA : Jewelry Holder

Purchase elbow or other type of hooks and adhere to cage wherever you wish jewelry to hang. Use epoxy or hot glue. Purchase a heavy candlestick and adhere to the bottom of the cage with epoxy. Spray paint entire cage and candlestick. Decorate with ribbons, fibers and a small bird if desired. Place jewelry on hooks, earrings can loop over metal bars and bracelets and pins can be placed inside the cage.

Other ideas:
   • Make a chandelier by placing a light bulb and lamp making       supplies through the top. (Paint first if desired.) Embellish the       cage with strands of crystal beads and hanging prisms. Hang       from a chain or a ribbon. This could also be made as a faux       fixture with no actual electrical parts used.
   • Use as a Christmas card holder. Decorate with greenery,       ribbons, etc. and slip cards through the wire bars into the       cage for keeping and display.

ITEM: Ceramic Flower Pot
IDEA: Pedestal Dessert Plate

Flip pot over (or keep upright depending on shape) and adhere a coordinating dinner plate or platter to pot using epoxy (permanent) or hot glue (usually removable). Stack several other pots and plates or vases to create a stunning stacked dessert serving tray.

Other ideas:

   • Use as a candle holder.
   • Create a fun lamp. Turn over and place lamp making supplies       through pot. (This will require drilling of the pot using a       ceramic drill bit and possibly painting the pot.)
   • Use pot as a container for baked goods or gift giving.
   • Trim pot with unique braided or fringe trims and use as a       container for office supplies.
   • Decoupage photos, wrapping paper, sheet music, etc. onto       pot for a fresh new look.

ITEM: Snagged Hosiery
IDEA: Ruffled Flowers

Wash tights or pantyhose and let dry. Cut the legs off at the base of the panty. Cut toe off. Fold leg over and sew using a large basting stitch down the center of the folded leg (4 layers thick) leaving long tails of thread at each end. Trim down each side of the sewn piece trimming off the folded edges. Pull thread at either end and gently gather. Tie threads at each end together keep from pulling out gathers. Use the ruffle as is (see below for ideas) or gently roll ruffle together like a coiled snake and tack back together with a thread and needle. This will create a soft ruffled flower. Place a button or rhinestone pin in the center if desired. Use on headbands purses, clothing scarves, etc.

Other ideas:
   • Use nylon ruffle above as a trim on a sweater, neck of a       tee shirt, the bottom of an infant Onesie tee shirt, as a watch       band, as a headband, to trim a lampshade, as pillow trim, etc.
   • Pull nylons or tights over a glass vase or cylinder. Add trim to       top and bottom if desired. Gather nylon together carefully at       the bottom and hand tack together with a thread and a       needle. Place a candle or a battery operated votive in the       vase or cylinder. This gives a fun glow through the sheer       covering. This looks best with patterned or more sheer       hosiery. Makes a unique home décor item.

ITEM: Cue (Pool) Sticks
IDEA: Christmas Yard Stakes

Spray paint stick desired color. Tie a large wired bow on upper third of larger part of stick. Add unique ornaments, birds, greenery, picks, etc to the bow to make a stunning arrangement. Add a large tag with a message hanging from the bow if desired. Place this in a yard or planter for a fun greeting or decoration for the holidays. An option would be to drill a hole out of the top of the large end of the stick and have the arrangement popping out of the top. This would be a clever idea to leave in family or friends yards as a Christmas greeting.

Other ideas:
   • Paint stick and add a flag for a birthday or holiday greeting.
   • Paint stick or wrap with decorative ribbon and use to hang       photo frames from.
   • Cut stick in various lengths, paint and glue together to make a       photo frame. Add clusters of buttons, bling, ribbons, etc. on       several places of the frame to enhance the wide and thinner       parts of the sticks. Hang from a ribbon. Place around a photo       on the wall to give a double frame effect.
   • Use as a curtain rod.

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