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Boost your pickleball skills this fall! 4 products to up your game

Get out and work on your pickleball skills!

As fall approaches, outdoor pickleball enthusiasts know they have a limited time left to enjoy the game outside before cooler temperatures push them indoors. So, make the most of the beautiful weather and enhance your skills!

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares some pickleball products aimed at helping you up your game.


4 Ways to Work on Your Pickleball Skills

This is prime time for outdoor pickleball! With pleasant temperatures and extended daylight hours, you can play from morning till night. However, as the weather cools down, you’ll likely transition indoors. So, now’s the time to take advantage of the ideal conditions.

Pickleball Rebound Trainer

This product is a game-changer for those looking to improve their accuracy and skills. It’s essentially a large piece of vinyl with various targets designed to help you practice specific shots, such as dinks and drives. It’s portable, easy to set up, and can be placed anywhere, making it a fantastic tool for solo practice.

Automatic Ball Feeder

If you find yourself without a practice partner, this battery-operated ball feeder can help you hone your skills. You can adjust the speed and settings to focus on different shots like dinks, drives, or lobs. It holds up to 15 balls at a time, dispensing them at regular intervals, giving you ample opportunity to perfect your game.

Safety Glasses

While it might seem silly, safety glasses have become a crucial accessory for many pickleball players. Accidents can happen, and these glasses provide a simple yet effective layer of protection for your eyes. Some players even remove the lenses from cheap readers to create a cost-effective alternative.

Online Resources

If you’re looking to improve your game from home, online resources like Topcourt offer tutorials, classes, and insights from professional players. It’s a pay-as-you-go platform that allows you to access valuable lessons and strategies. Additionally, TheDinkPickleball.com is a free online resource offering tips, tricks, techniques, and news for pickleball enthusiasts.

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