Box Home Loans: Inside the Box

By dramatically changing how they did business, they accomplished what was previously thought impossible: they slashed prices and created higher quality service at the same time. Box Home Loans is doing just that in the mortgage industry.


What’s Up With that Name?

Box Home Loans? Granted, the name is a bit strange, but it sums up perfectly what we do. Specifically, we only lend inside the box: as in, we do easy loans only. If you’re complex, have average credit, or have a meager down payment, then we are not your lender. While the rest of the lending world boasts that they will finance anyone, we chose to go in the opposite direction. We only lend to the cream of the crop.

Our Low Costs: Almost Ridiculous

By lending only to the cream of the crop we have removed 50% of the paperwork and headache from the loan process. In addition, we only offer one product line: loans that require a 10% down payment and a 700 credit score. All of that leads to tremendous efficiencies in our process, which translates into unbelievable savings for you! In fact, we have cut loan closing costs by an almost ridiculous 68%. For example, Box Home Loans only charges $95 in total lender and broker fees. No origination fees. No underwriting fees. No wire fees. No junk. And no, we do not raise your interest rate to make up for the low costs.

Please Shop Us

Have you ever had a lender ask you to shop around? We didn’t think so. Box Home Loans, on the other hand, asks all of its clients to shop. Our price speaks for itself. Once you compare us to the competition, we know that you will pass along our concept to friends and family just like you.

Box Home Loans

I. Three things to help you find the lowest rates and fees in today’s volatile market and KNOW you’re getting the best deal.

A. How to Shop: Gone are the days of arranging your schedule to meet face to face just to get a rate quote. The fastest and easiest way to get a quote is by:

i. By Phone

ii. By Internet

1. Show example of how to shop on-line at with screen shots

B. When to shop:

i. Because over the last two weeks 30 year fixed rates have been bouncing between 5.5 and 6.25. It’s important now more then ever to shop a few companies on the same day. If you wait a day or two between getting quotes chances are the rates will change and you’ll comparing apples and oranges. With what you learn today you’ll be able to compare apples to apples in minutes.

C. What to ask:

i. First of all remember this, you ‘re in the drivers seat . There are only 2 things you want to know, what is their rate is and that are the exact closing costs for that rate. Be prepared to give them 4 things: your estimated credit score, the loan amount and the estimated value of the property. If it’s you primary residence or an investment. This is all they really need to give you what their rates and fees are for the day. If shopping on-line you shouldn’t have to give any personal information just to get a quote, this is just a way for them to sell your information to 10 different loan officers and believe me they will all call you.


For more details, call Box Home Loans at (801) 426-5600, go online at or visit them at 507 South Orem Blvd., Orem, Utah. For

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