Using Imagination to Read

Michelle Hancey is with the See ABCs reading program which tries to do exactly that.


Dr. G. Reid Lyon, Chief of the Child Development and Behavior Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes for Health, estimates that a lucky five percent of kids seem to read with no effort at all. He also says that for about 60 percent of students, learning to read will be hard work and their success will depend largely on the effectiveness of the instruction.

Only 5% of kids read effortlessly and more than half will have a hard time being successful and are highly dependent on the program. In this way See abc’s solves a problem rather than selling prevention by talking about “what if you fall behind.”

There is a natural window of opportunity for children to learn at a young age and the best way to engage a young child is through imagination. In the beginning lessons of See abc’s we have an imagination lesson. The reason this works and kids learn so quickly is because the s both looks and sounds like the snake. Imagination and creativity are used throughout the entire program because this full picture clue becomes simplified and the kids are able to use their imagination to see the correct sounds all the way through Imletteration.


For more information, you can call See ABCs or visit them online. They also have a kiosk in the fashion place mall.

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