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You’ll want to break these chocolate hearts! How to fill them with candy as cute gifts

These breakable chocolate hearts are cute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Don’t go breaking hearts… unless they’re filled with candy! This interactive treat is over-the-top, but you’ll want to make one for everyone you love!

Owner of the Sugar House Bakery, Meaghan House, shares how to make one at home.

Meaghan has been making these for a long time. You can buy pre-made breakable hearts and a plethora of other Valentine’s sweets on her website,

Find more inspiration from Meaghan on Instagram, @sugarhousebakery, on her website,, or at the Sugar House Bakery, located 1485 W 550 S, Syracuse UT.


How to Make Breakable Chocolate Hearts

  1. Start with a compound chocolate mix. Melt it in 30-second intervals, and make sure to stir in between zaps!
  2. Grab a heart mold. Here’s an option from Amazon: Silicone Chocolate Heart Mold
  3. Fill the heart mold to the fill line, and place the silicone insert on top to press the chocolate in.
  4. Freeze to solidify. Leave in for about 10-15 minutes. If the chocolate slides out of the mold easily, it’s ready.
  5. Take out of the freezer. Peel back the silicone mold, and try to minimally handle the chocolate to avoid a bunch of fingerprints.
  6. Fill one half of the heart with candy, treats, gift cards, etc.
  7. Seal the two heart halves together with chocolate, and let cool.
  8. Break it open, or gift it away to someone you love!

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