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Originally bridal bouquets were made of strong herbs like thyme and garlic to frighten away evil spirits and allow the bride and groom to have a happy successful life. Also in “days of yore” many people who attended weddings had usually not bathed recently, so the bouquet provided a fragrant change of pace from the aromas at the wedding banquet.

Another fun historical fact on tossing the bouquet involves ancient times as well. It was believed a bride was especially lucky on a wedding day so guests would tear at her dress for sourvenir pieces of good luck to take home. Brides got tired of “being carried over the threshold on their wedding night with their dresses in shreds, so they decided to throw her bouquet as a souvenir.

Flowers and Their Meanings

If roses are your flower, red ones depicte courage and beauty; white ones show innocence and purity with pink characterizing grace and admiration. A periennial favorite for brides, the daisy displays the traits of innocence, loyalty and love, with gardenias, you can count on purity, joy sweetness and love. The elegant lily focuses on majesty, truth and honor and the fragrant peony shows determination, and good health.

Other ideas

You can share with your guests the reason you chose your flowers by placing tags on vases with your favorite flower name and the meaning behind it and what it means to you.

Also here’s a bridal shower idea: Take apicture of each guest as they come in, have them write a letter to the bride, then upload with advice to an online published service and have it bamde into a beautiful book.

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