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Brighten Your Home with Banners

Banners are a huge hit for party décor, but they can also just brighten up your home so you can celebrate the everyday!

Melissa Quigley with the blog Hollyhocks & Honeybees shares the simple do-it-yourself project that will add a pop of happy to any space.

It goes without saying that I love banners! In my house I believe there is always a reason to put one up. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration, party or birthday a lot of the time they are strung up to celebrate the everyday. A couple of rules I have when draping banners around the house is first, group them together. A good rule of thumb to follow is putting together at least three. The more the better, don’t be afraid to bundle them together! Another rule I use is to mix and match styles, textures, colors and sizes of banners. Layering banners together creates visual interest that can really make a statement. Try mixing something that sparkles together with a fabric garland and tie it all together with something paper or plastic. The possibilities are endless! Using garlands and banners is a simple way to decorate and can be a show stopper for any kind of party or celebration you host. One last rule is to think outside the box. Look for inventive and creative things to use for a banner. The ways I showed today on the show are perfect examples of using things in a unconventional way. I love the modern feel of the geometric word shaped banner, the interesting yet simple paper shapes and turning charming straws into a sensational banner. Keep your eyes open for unique objects you can be transformed into a garland or banner. Remember, you don’t always have to hang them horizontally, vertically can be just as much fun and have just as much of an in pact.

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Melissa Quigley lives in Mountain Green with her husband and their three daughters. In her spare time she loves to entertain, bake, watch sports, take zumba classes and create products for her business, Hollyhocks & Honeybees. She hosts The Hive a charming & unique boutique in her home twice a year.

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