Brownies: Are They the New Cupcake?

Alisa Bangerter, Studio 5’s Party, Holiday and Idea Contributor, shows how to bake, shape, decorate, and dip your next batch of brownies.

Brownies can be baked, shaped, cut, decorated, dipped, etc. in many creative and unique ways. An abundance of new brownie-specific products are also now on the market and are proving to be very popular. There are many fun things to do with a regular brownie recipe so try some of the following next time you bake:

Batter Stir-Ins

Customize your brownie batter by stirring in chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chopped candy bars, candy sprinkles, M & M candies, crushed peppermint, toffee bits, nuts, dried fruit, tiny marshmallows, coconut, etc.

Unique Baking

Bake brownie batter in unique ways such as in cupcake liners, ice cream cones, mini tart pans, muffin tins, etc.

A really cool brownie pan called Brownie Edge Pan by Bakers Edge bakes brownies so each brownie has at least two chewy sides. Information about this pan can be found at

A new brownie pan called Slice Solutions is a pan that has an insert that causes brownies to bake pre-sliced. Available at

The Wilton company has an entire line of specialty brownie making supplies including silicone baking pans (Brownie Pops, Blossom Brownie Mold, Bite-Size Brownie Squares, etc.) as well as a 6-Cavity Dessert Shell Pan that is great for individual dessert brownie cups. Information found at

Creative Cuts

Cut brownies in creative shapes for holidays or to coordinate with the theme of an event. Cut brownies can be stacked to make ice cream sandwiches or covered with chocolate or icing to make fancy tiny individual desserts. Use extra deep cookie cutters to cut baked brownies. Wilton makes many styles of deep Comfort-Grip rubber top cutters, Combo Cutters (multiple shapes with one cut) as well as a spring plunger Push ‘N Pop! heart- shaped cutter. They also have a zig-zag blade Brownie and Treat Cutter that makes fun edges.

Brownie Scraps: After all the cutting of shapes there will often be brownie scraps or pieces left in the pan. a great way to use these are to make a trifle or individual parfaits by layering the brownie pieces with whipped cream, chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate cookies, toffee bits and chocolate chips. Another idea is to scoop the pieces and press into an ice cream cone and top with icing or chocolate and sprinkles. Brownie pieces could also be crumbled over ice cream sundaes.

On a Stick

Brownie Pops: Brownie pops are one of my favorite treats to make. I like to use the Brownie Pops silicone pan by Wilton to bake the brownies in. Let cool completely and insert lollipop stick. Dip in melted chocolate or candy melts and add sprinkles or other décor. (Another option to make brownie pops is to use a small scoop to scoop baked brownie and form in to a ball. Insert stick and dip and decorate.) Most smaller shapes can be made into brownie pops. Simply cut brownie into shape and insert stick.

Brownie Kabobs: Kabobs are quick and easy to make and perfect for a summer picnic. Simply bake or cut brownies into small pieces. Thread onto a wood skewer alternating with pieces of fruit and large marshmallows. Drizzle with chocolate if desired.

Faux Fudge Bars: These look like fudge ice cream bars. To make, cut brownies into rectangles approximately 2″ x 3″ or bake in small loaf pans. Let cool and insert a wood Popsicle stick in one end. Lay on a rack and pour icing or chocolate over the bars. Add sprinkles.


Make sure to check out The Brownie Fun! book by Wilton. It is filled with many darling and creative ideas for brownies.

Brownie Pizza: Bake brownie batter in a pizza pan with sides. Let cool and top with marshmallows, M & M candies, chocolate or peanut butter chips, nuts, chopped candy bars, etc. Drizzle with white and dark chocolate. Slice to serve.

Tiny Brownie Soda Glasses: Bake brownies in the Brownie Pop silicone pan by Wilton. Place melted chocolate candy melts in Candy Melting Plate by Wilton to form the bases. When chocolate bases are set, attach to round top of brownie pop using melted chocolate. This will make a shape that looks like a mini soda glass. Top with a swirl of icing or whipped cream, sprinkles and a candy “cherry” on top. Use a tiny pretzel (dipped in candy melts) or a hard candy stick for a straw.

Brownie Cake: Make individual mini double layer cakes or bake two 8″ or 9″ round brownie layers. Stack and frost like a regular cake. A layer of ice cream can be placed between the brownie layers – simply line an 8″ or 9″ round pan with plastic wrap and fill with softened ice cream. Freeze the ice cream layer and then un-mold and place between brownie layers before icing.

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