Studio 5 Love List: January

Executive Producer Michelle Kettle gives us a peek at the January Studio 5 Love List.

Flapper Gloves

Warm up in style! McKell Jensen takes the popular flower trend to the fingertips with her bold, bright and flapper-inspired accessories. Growing up, McKell’s mom had a talent for crochet. McKell decided to carry on that talent and tradition. Family and friends encouraged her to share her products with the wider market. She was a little hesitant at first – but aren’t we glad she listened to that encouragement?! The flapper style is something McKell adores and it inspires all of her hand crafted creations.

To check out more of her designs, visit:

Hand Painted Salt & Pepper Set

Even on frozen pizza dinner days, Mimiware allows you to always have something handmade in the kitchen. This amazing hand painted salt and pepper set is the perfect way to spice up your cooking space!

Mimiware began about 15 years ago when Michele Goaslind (her Dad calls her Mimi) opened the store Whimzy, with her mom. Together, the design duo painted anything they could get their hands on! When Michele became a busy mom herself, painting large pieces of furniture was no longer practical. She decided to approach art on a smaller scale, designing and decorating dinnerware. She soon realized glass and little boys were not very compatible!

In 2002, after after having baby #5, Michele’s mom passed away from breast cancer. Initially, Michele had a very hard time even wanting to paint – her mom served as her muse, her inspiration and her partner. After a five year break, and with her youngest in school, Michele found herself longing to create. She turned back to her paintbrush and back to Mimiware. She loves turning everyday items into unique and fun self expressions. Her kids are now her inspiration (they even paint with her once and awhile!). She hopes to use her love of color and pattern to brighten other people’s homes.

For more Mimware creations, shop at Prices range from $12 – $250. Custom requests are welcomed.

Chic-Adee Wreaths

If your front door feels bare after the Christmas clean-up, hang your hat on this next Love List find. Melissa Clark loves to daydream and those images come alive through her hand crafted wreaths. Art has always been a huge part of her life – she trained as a dancer in New York City studying at schools such as Martha Graham Dance Company, Alvin Ailey, and American Dance Theater. Her artwork has also been featured in many fine galleries and shows, including a show at The Capitol, in Washington, D.C. Now her canvas is her small, 900 square foot Milcreek home, filled to the brim with fun ideas and inspiration! As a mom to two busy little boys, The Chicadee Shop is her own creative outlet.

Check out: Custom orders are welcome and free delivery is offered to customers along the Wasatch Front.

Swankadot Klutchs

Need a new best friend? This custom clutch could fill that niche. It’s a fresh, swanky way to organize your receipts, punch cards, gift cards, business cards, coupons – even a spare check. Made with sassy, fresh fabric designs, this organizer has 13 alphabetized file pockets, measuring 7 inches across and 4.5 inches tall.

Tracey Trujilo enrolled in a sewing class when she was only 12 years old. Her mom was her inspiration, teaching her how to sew with love and patience. When a close friend shared her favorite organizing tip – a 13 pocket plastic file from Wal-Mart – Tracey wanted to embrace it, but in a cuter form.

To look over her 20 different designs, go to:

DeLaMare Taffy

Forget Conversation Hearts – this taffy truly is a work of art! Local candy making company DeLaMare takes pride in their unique candy making processes, involving each customer in the creative process. You send in your own company logo or personal message. Choose the color and the flavor for a customized sweet treat.

For more information, visit:

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