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Stephanie Greenwood talks about how Bubble and Bee Organic’s 100% organic products may be the answer for your skin care problems if you’re concerned about your personal care products.


1. “Fragrance”

Although it sounds harmless, the ingredient “fragrance” is one of the most dubious. Synthetic fragrances commonly contain chemicals called phlatates which are known hormone disruptors. They bind to your body’s estrogen receptors, distrupting the delicate balance of hormone function. In women, they can be a root cause of monthly irregularities, even heightened PMS symptoms. But it doesn’t just affect women. Phlalates can disrupt thyroid function, and lead to hyperthyroidism. The worst part about this is that when you read the label of a lotion or a shampoo, it won’t say phlalates, it will be listed as “fragrance.” Companies don’t have to disclose the actual ingredients in “fragrance” so they can add whatever chemicals they want to. Many people also have allergic reactions to these strong synthetic fragrances, from asthma to dermititis.

2. Synthetic colors

FD & C Blue. Yellow Lake. What are these synthetic colors? Most synthetic colors are made out of some nasty stuff, from petroleum to acetone to coal tar. These colors can contain impurities like lead acetate, which is toxic to the nervous system. Some of these dyes are allergens, skin irritants, and even known carcinogens. Contrary to common sense, and popular belief, there is no law out there that keeps companies from putting known carcinogens in personal care products. The state of California enacted their own law requiring companies to disclose any carcinogenic ingredients, but there is no national governing body.

3. Parabens
You’ll see them on the label towards the end of the ingredient list: Methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben. These are commonly used preservatives that are also estrogen mimickers. 13 studies since 2000 have shown that these chemicals do act like estrogen in the body, that they are absorbed through the skin, and that they have accumulated in breast cancer tissue. Many more people are becoming aware of parabens, and they are under scrutiny right now. Many groups are studying them to find out if they are directly linked to breast cancer.

4. Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a penetration enhancer. It’s a very common ingredient in clear solids, like deodorants, toothpastes and other thicker gel products. The problem with it is that it actually breaks down your skin’s natural barrier and goes directly to your bloodstream, bringing other chemicals with it. It’s actually in a lot of the other “natural” deodorants and should be avoided.

5. Aluminum Chlorhydrate and other aluminum salts

Aluminum buildup in the brain has been long studied as a possible cause for Alzheimer’s Disease. And many people are concerned about the aluminum salts in anti-perspirants as a cause for this aluminum buildup. It’s important to use a deodorant instead of an anti-perspirant not only to avoid aluminum salts, but because sweating is a natural function of the body. It helps us get rid of toxins and regulates our temperature.

If you can’t remember the names of these chemicals you can visit the Bubble and Bee website at www.bubbleandbee.com. You can check out more articles and information about chemicals to avoid, and even a chemical database where you can bring your bottle of shower gel and look up the ingredients.

Speaking of natural deodorants, Bubble and Bee Organic carries one of the world’s only lines of 100% organic deodorants. With three different delivery methods, a beeswax based stick, a spray, and a powder-based putty. Their newest deodorant is called ‘Pit Putty’. It works and smells great. We only use organic essential oils to scent our products, not synthetic fragrances. Another best seller is lotion stick. It’s 100% organic and contains no water so no preservatives are used. It’s great because it doesn’t evaporate or wash off every time you wash your hands. Perfect for nurses or moms, or anyone who washes their hands a lot. Bubble and Bee Organic also has chemical-free shower gels, buttery smooth lip balms, and gentle soaps made with organic oils. All of this is hand made here in Utah–they are not a distrubutor for other big brands. The product is personally made by the owner of Bubble and Bee Organic here in Utah. And right now, if you live in state you can get free shipping on any order big or small you place online plus a free lip balm. It’s Bubble and Bee Organic www.bubbleandbee.com.


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