Style File: Wearing High-Waisted Trousers

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone explains if…(and how!)…you can pull it off.


Many of us are saying “Hooray!” to the fact that the trend in pants (and skirts) is higher-waisted. But not everyone should wear this look. Here are some tips to help you determine if this style will be flattering on your figure type.

High Waist vs. High Rise

Your rise is determined by the length between the bend in your waistline and the base of your crotch. The longer the distance between those areas, the longer your rise. A high rise pair of pants does not necessarily mean that the pants will reach all the way to the waist. It simply means that there is more fabric in the rise area to accommodate someone who has more space to fill.

High-waisted pants are made to actually reach the waist and sit on it.

Pros: Waist defining! No more plumber crack. No more muffin tops.

Cons: High-waist pants can make mid-sections appear fuller and hips look wider.


Don’t pair the high-waisted trouser with flats. The best options for this look are high-heeled pumps, stilettos, or platform wedges. Since most high-waisted pants are the focal point of the outfit, you’ll want to elongate the legs as much as possible.

Don’t wear these trousers if you have a short torso. The high-waisted trousers are best suited for women with long torsos since they do cinch up at the waist and take inches away from your upper body. If you’re short or petite, this look will be difficult to pull off with style.

Don’t wear if you have a full chest. Choose lower waists if you have a fuller upper body. The high waist cinches right below the rib cage, so if you try this look, don’t wear a tight top that will accentuate the fullness of your chest. Be sure to wear a loose and flowy top to balance out the look.

Don’t wear so wide that you swim in them, especially if you’re petite since it can make you look short and squatty rather than long and lean.


Do wear these if you have a long torso, flatter tummy or an hourglass shape.

Do try in different fabrics. Thicker weight fabrics will create a different look as opposed to lighter weight fabrics. Try several fabrics to see which look you prefer.

Do wear these pants just long enough to graze the floor and let your toes peek out (otherwise you look footless).

How to determine if you have a long waist or a short waist:

Find your waistline by bending side to side. Hold you hand there to mark where your waist is. Place your hand right under bustline. If you can spread your fingers wide and meet the waistline, you are long waisted. If your fingers are scrunched together, you are short waisted. If they are relaxed, you are average.


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