Burn Calories On A Busy Schedule

Sometimes it seems impossible to fit in a daily workout. Sometimes we plain
don’t want to. But you can still burn fat without committing to a full

Studio 5 Health and Fitness Contributor Melanie Douglass shares 5 easy ways
to raise your heart rate during the day and burn calories when you don’t have
time to workout.

1. Do Short Bouts! They really work, in a recent study, they found that,
short-bout exercisers:

· They were able to stick to their workouts more consistently

· They exercised more days a week than the long-bout group

· They accumulated more exercise time each week than the long-bout

· They lost more weight, an average of 19 lbs versus 14 lbs for the long-
bout group



· Play your 5ish min power song and jog in place, walk in place, drop into a
few pushups or whatever! It’s 5-minutes of, well, power – that really gives
you a burst of energy and burns calories

3. Create a code name for “exercise”.
If someone called you to go to lunch on short notice, or get a massage on
short notice, would you arrange your schedule to accomodate? Maybe the
word “exercise” is subconsciously unappealing and makes it all too easy to
push down the priority list. Call your workout something like:
The other thought here is that exercise sounds like hard work, but “burning
fat” is the benefit and has more appeal…

· I need my red bull

· I’m going for my energy fix

· I’m going to burn some fat

· I need “me” time

4. Work Your Surroundings!
If you’re kids are swimming at the pool, run/walk up and down the side of
the pool (or swim with them!) I run stairs while my kids swim, bc my local
pool has a big set of stairs right next to the pool. People need to take 5
seconds and observe the surroundings of everyday activities… you can turn
any environment into a workout! Or, I do squats by the table while I help my
kids with homework. Try that! No sitting down while your kids study… the
adult can help, but they have to squat or jog?

5. Do a mini-fitness challenge… everyday! Part of the challenge is setting a
number, a time limit or making it a quiz: “how long would it take me to do
200 jacks?” (most people are surprised to know it only takes about 2
minutes!! who knew they could accomplish so much in just 2 minutes?

· 200 jumping jacks

· 100 pushups

· 250 crunches

· 50 knee lifts

· 1 quick jog around the house

· 60 seconds of planking

· Jogging/marching in place 2400 steps (that’s 1 mile!)

· Running in place during commercials

· Holding a low squat during commercials (that get’s tough!)

6. Take 10 minute parking lot walks during the day. If you work, try a 10-
minute walk 3x a day (it’s only half your lunch??) Get a buddy, hit the
parking lot and walk fast as you can for just 10 minutes.

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