candle cake
Amy Droubay

Cake, candle, or both? This Christmas candle cake is the centerpiece AND the dessert

You will shock and amaze with this candle cake.

Make a cake that doubles as the centerpiece! With a simple drip technique, you can turn a layered dessert into a Christmas candle. The best part is, it can be messy! Inconsistent drips just add to the authenticity.

Amy Droubay shares the tutorial for this illusion dessert. Start with a basic layer cake and drip a chocolate ganache over the edge. Once you finish one drip layer, add another! It adds to the waxy look.

Find more cake creations from Amy on Instagram, @neuroticmom, or find her tutorials on YouTube.

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  • You were great I loved the way you presented. I REALLY appreciate that your hair was pulled back. It really brothers me when anyone cooking doesn’t pull there hair back. It’s so un sanitary. Can’t believe they let people cook with there hair hanging in the food!