Capture Children’s Memories

Capture Children’s Memories

Kids grow up so fast! Don’t let all the precious moments go by without
keeping record.

Blogger Mandy Douglass shares 5 ways to capture children’s memories.

In June, my husband and I moved into a new house. Our new home was a
home where a family of 5 children had lived. I couldn’t help but see growing
memories all over this home. It was a shame that the memories, including
markings on the garage wall of their children’s ages and dates couldn’t be
taken with them!

When I sent my three year old off to school a few weeks ago, I realized how
fast he was growing up! I felt like I wanted to find a way to capture this sweet
little boy, so that I will never forget this sweet stage in his life. It also became
clear to me, that I wanted to find products that I could take with me, when I
move again someday.

I found a few companies to team up with, to help me record the memories I
am having right now, so that in the future, I can remember them clearly.
The first company I teamed up with is a new internet site called the PAPER
COTERIE. They specialize in beautifully designed printed products, including
photobooks, calendars, home décor, and memory boxes.

Here are a few of the products I found to help me record my memories!

Growth Charts:

These fun and decorative fabric growth charts are made with a specially
patented adhesive that can stick and re-stick to any surface. These
breathable, resilient charts are safe to use and won’t cause damage to paint,
wall paper, or carpet.

One way you can make the Growth Chart special is to include everyday
moments and how tall your child was when it occurred! Some examples could
include: How tall was your child when –

He lost his/her first tooth?
Went to school?
Was fully potty trained?
When you moved?

Memory Journals:

I was told by many friends that kids say the darndest things! I didn’t realize
how funny they could be until recently. Everyone told me to get a notebook
and keep it handy to record the funny things they say! I thought these
journals were PERFECT! These notebooks allow you to personalize the cover
with text or photos to make it your own. They are colorful and definitely ones
you won’t mind keeping out for company to see!

Specialized Photobooks!

The Paper Coterie has well designed, themed photobooks that you can create
quickly. The theme that struck me for my growth segment was a darling
photobook that is all about one person and what that person is like “@” a
certain age! After deciding on my favorite pictures of my son, this book was
completed in about an hour. The book displays his likes, dislikes, and words
that describe him right now!I am hoping to created one of these books for
my son every year!

Growth Boxes

My mom created a box of her most favorite things I brought home in
Preschool and elementary. She placed them nicely in a gift box and gave the
boxes to us when we moved out of the house. I love looking through the
growing stages of my learning … and now I have a much better looking box
to display all of those precious papers my son brings home from school!

Vacation Wall

This one took the most time, but I felt like it was one that I will get to see
daily. Some of my favorite memories growing up were those I spent on
vacations! I think fondly of those vacations and hope to remind my children
daily of the great times we spent together as a family.

With the help of my favorite local printing company, Pro Digital Photos in
Pleasant Grove, I created this 30″ x 30″ Canvas, displaying places we have
visited, and places we hope to visit in the future. (For more information
please visit my blog). Then with Pro Digital Photo’s expertise in photo
printing, I had them print my favorite photos from our most memorable
vacations. I lastly found frames at Deseret Industries for about $1 each and
spray painted them to create a colorful collage on my wall! I am THRILLED
with how it turned out, and even more excited about my boy’s excitement in
recalling the fun memories we have had in our little family!

Mandy Douglass is not a stranger when it comes to crafting. Since she was a
young girl, her nick-name was Martha! Graduating with a degree in Graphic
Design, Mandy has used her education in design, teamed up with her years of
crafting skills, as a professional in the Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting
Industry. She has worked as a Scrapbook Product Designer, and a
Contributing Editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine. Mandy also has a great
love for cooking, sewing, the outdoors, and caring for her sweet husband
and two boys. She is a native of Utah and currently lives in Highland. To learn
more, visit:

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