Carrying Yourself with Confidence

It’s any woman’s best accessory, best weapon and best asset: confidence. We admire the girl who has it…so how can you be that girl?

Blogger Natalie Hill of the popular forum “Mormon in Manhattan” shares tips for carrying yourself with the kind of confidence others will respect and admire.

Keep in mind, confidence is not arrogance and confidence can be quiet! Here are a few skills to consider:

Physical Skills:

1. Good posture is key – shoulders down, abdominal engaged, ribcage neutral. Master a confident walk, stand, and sit.
2. Direct Eye Contact
3. Implement comfortable & appropriate “touching”—if you’re on a date, a hand on the arm goes a long way.
4. Smile!

Interpersonal Skills:

1. Ask sincere, relevant questions
2. Respond to statements with understanding / reassuring phrases (“I understand” , “I see what you’re saying,” etc.)
3. Compliment sincerely
4. No complaining! See the good in the situation
5. Use a resonant voice. No baby talk or quiet mumbling.

Natalie Hill blogs about dating , culture, and her love affair with the big city. To read more, visit:

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