Celebrate Chocolate!

Candie Williams explains how hosting a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party can bring sweet rewards.

Turn your passion for CHOCOLATE into a delicious party or business! Hosting a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party is easy and the rewards are sweet. You can only get these exclusive Dove Chocolate Discoveries items through home tasting parties and DCD Chocolatiers. Earn free chocolate products, half price items and host exclusive items! Wow your family and friends with easy decadent desserts, creative gifts and homemade treats for the holidays.

Become a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier for as little as $49 plus shipping with our “Sweet Smile” kit, $159 with our “Standard” kit and $449 for our “Master” kit! Corporate Gifting and Fundraisers just became easier and more delicious! Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Visit me at www.dove-chocolate-discoveries.com/candiewilliams , email me at candiesland@gmail.com or contact me at 801-661-6884 for more information. Enjoy the Sweet Life this holiday season with Dove Chocolate Discoveries!

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