Clean Out Now And Earn Holiday Cash

Alicia Westbrook from the Sandy Kid to Kid store shares tips to earn the most money for your kid’s things.

1. Wash and sort your things before you bring them in.

    a. We’re only able to take items that are ready to go onto the       shelf. Sometimes we have to turn away wonderful product       because it has a dirt spot on it that would have come out in       the wash. So it pays to make sure it’s clean before you bring it       in. You can even wash most sport shoes and they come out       looking like new.
    b. Carefully look through the things you bring in to make sure       they don’t have any stains or excess wear. This saves you       time in the store, and also saves you from hauling in a bunch       of items that we’re not able to buy.

   c. Our buyers have to be very selective when they go through       your things. They’re looking for items that our customers will       be excited to buy.

   d. If you’re wondering about whether or not something is good       enough, bring it in, and let us make the choice. Sometimes we       can accept a slight flaw in an item in a high need size like size       5 that we would turn away in an infant size.

2. Put Your Outfits together

    a. This is especially important for infant wear. If you wore it       together, put it together in your bin – even if it’s not the same       brand. We’re more likely to take it as an outfit, and it’s more       valuable so you’ll receive a higher payout. Unfortunately, we       turn away a lot of separates in infant sizes because they just       don’t sell well.

3. Excellent time of year to bring in Toys and Baby Equipment

    a. Demand is highest right now as we stock up for the holidays,       so you’ll earn a little more.
    b. Make sure all the parts and pieces are with each toy. A good       way to do it is to put them in a little Ziploc bag and tape it to       the toy.
    c. If the toy requires batteries, check to make sure it works       before bringing it in. If it has batteries in it – all the better. This       saves you time and makes it more likely that we will be able to       buy it.
    d. Take a minute to wipe down the toys so they’re clean. Toys       that look new are worth more. This is a good job for the kids.       They get motivated if they think they’ll get some money back       for toys they aren’t using.
    e. On the other hand, you might actually need to take the toys       when the kids aren’t looking. Even though they may be way       past the age appropriate stage for the toys, it brings back       happy memories to think of the fun they had playing with       them.

4. You can sell more than you think

Kid to Kid buys almost anything that a growing child uses that’s still in great condition and meets current safety standards. That obviously means clothes and toys, but here are some of the things that you might not even think about:
    a. Baby gear like strollers, highchairs, bassinets and pack n       plays. These are some of our highest need items because       most thrift stores like Deseret Industries and Savers no longer       resell these items. Kid to Kid is able to keep buying and selling       safe baby equipment because we have an incredible program       that allows us to screen out recalled items.

    b. Books, videos, and DVD’s
    c. Snow gear including boots, coats, sleds, gloves and hats.
    d. Dance wear and soccer gear
    e. Maternity clothes, nursing covers, and baby carriers
    f. Nursery furniture like glider rockers, changing tables, and       even dressers

5. Consider taking store credit instead of cash.

   a. You can earn cash on the spot when you sell to Kid to Kid. But       almost half of our customers prefer to take their payment in       store credit because they earn 20% more than the cash       payout.

   b. Kid to Kid stores are full of quality, carefully screened gently       used products, and we also have lots of brand new items that       we’ve brought in for the holidays.

   c. You’ll find new toys from Melissa and Doug, Schylling, and       Toysmith.

   d. We’ve got the best hair bow selection in the state with stick       on and tiny snap barrette bows for newborns with barely any       hair to the latest tween hair accessories like these crochet       flowers.

It makes a lot of sense to “trade” your things in to Kid to Kid and really stretch that holiday budget.

To find more information, contact the Kid to Kid nearest you. You can find them through

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