Celebrate Good News

Celebrate Good News

Big family events deserve big gestures! Whether it’s a birthday, baptism,
baby blessings or a homecoming, celebrate with a bang!

Studio 5 Producer Mindy Dunyon shares funs ways to celebrate good news.

Wish Lanterns

· www.wishlantern.com

· These are 99% biodegradable, non-flammable and safe and easy to
use, and create an amazing visual effect that adds enjoyment and wonder
to any special occasion. All you have to do is light the fuel cell, wait for the
lanterns to fill up with hot air and then let go.

Surprise Cornucopias, sparklers and Confetti Poppers

· www.topsmalibu.com

Wedding Sparklers and Stage Showers

· www.superiorcelebrations.co

Recycled Newspaper Tote

· Bobloveseleanor.etsy.com

· $40

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