pop-up picnic
Marlie Peralta

Celebrate spring with a pop-up picnic! These are the 5 essentials you’ll need…

We’ll find any excuse for a pop-up picnic!

As we wave goodbye to winter, we’re leaning hard into spring. Nothing screams spring more than an outdoor picnic! This week our excuse is St. Patrick’s Day! This small holiday is the perfect reason to gather your family for a pop-up celebration outside. and everything you need – you already have.

Marlie Peralta from St. George calls picnic’s her passion, and designs picnic experiences in the most stunning locations. She shows us how to throw a St. Patrick’s Day pop-up picnic. You don’t need a picnic table or chairs, you just need to pick your favorite outdoor location.

To have Marlie set up a picnic of your dreams, visit gatheringsbymarlie.com.



5 Essentials for a Pop-Up Picnic

Seating: use coffee table, crates, pallets, blanket and pillows

Linens: tablecloths, runners, placemats

Centerpiece: flowers, seasonal décor, candles, gold rainbow pots, greenery

Dishes: themed or seasonal plates, paper or real dishes depending on occasion

Food: Box lunch with a shamrock peanut butter/jelly sandwich, paper cone of chips and grapes, shamrock shaped cucumbers and kiwi. Rice crispy/lucky charm treats, other green desserts

Top off the occasion with a rainbow fruit board with a pot of gold.

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