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Take 5: Get to know Lt. Governor Deidre M. Henderson

As women we crave connection. And nothing builds a bond like a deep conversation. We are putting well-known women in the hot seat for a chance to get to know them better, and love them more.

Studio 5 viewers have come up with some clever questions – all meant to dig a little deeper. We “take 5” and ask our special guest to answer those questions on the spot. This time, we’re put the spotlight on someone who is working hard every day to make our state a better place.

Deidre M. Henderson served in the Utah state senate for eight years before coming the Lt. Governor. She’s been heralded as a ‘vocal champion of the underdog,’ pushing for opportunities for the under-served populations of our state. She and her husband Gabe live in Spanish Fork. When she’s not taking charge on Capitol Hill, she’s running ship at home – as a mom to five kids, three sons-in-law, and two grandsons! We’re grateful for her service to our state, and grateful for her willingness to Take 5!

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