Celebrate Summer

Emily Hover with Pioneer Party shares ten quick and easy ideas for celebrating summer.

1. Beach ball invitation (write your invite on a beach ball and have the kids bring their ball to the party to play with)

2. Decorate with topiaries – (we would love to quickly show how to put a mini topiary together) – Great for hanging in your yard, above tables, or simply setting on the ground for kids to play with.

3. Water hose limbo or jump rope limbo -let each child take home a jump rope after the party, or get wet with the hose.

4. Bubble gum blowing contest – this is a simple and old idea, but so much fun!

5. Dress up Relay Races – grab a boa, a hat, some sunglasses, a pool – and make a relay! Divide into teams and have the “accessories” be the prizes!

6. Pinatas – again, an oldie but goodie! Pinatas are always a crowd pleaser… make sure you choose a cute one!

7. Pineapple bowling – grab some pineapples for the bowling pins, a coconut for the ball, and have an outdoor game of bowling! Make sure you eat the yummy fruit afterwards!

8. Body Painting with Pudding – Make a few batches of any flavored pudding and let the kids go to town! Make sure they are in their swimsuits so they can wash off at the end!

9. Musical Towels – After the body painting, play musical towels. Have each child lie their towel on the grass (not necessarily in a circle) – turn on some tunes and play your own version of musical chairs.

10. End with a unique candy stick – grab a wooden skewer and slide your candy fruit slices on. Personalize each one with the guest’s name.

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