Celebrating Family Landmarks

Celebrating Family Landmarks

Every family has those landmarks: the first time a child loses a tooth, a first
date, a dance recital. As we celebrate families this month, we wanted to
share some ideas on how to honor those celebrations.

Emily Hover from Pioneer Party and Gift shares some creative ways to
celebrate family landmarks.

1. FIRST TOOTH LOST: Tooth Fairy Kit- For the little one who
has just lost his or her first tooth. A sheer organza bag filled with fairy
grass (iridescent shred), golden coins (chocolate of course!), and a little
note straight from the tooth fairy herself! Leave the contents of the kit on
the child’s bed… and add desired $$ if wanted! A special way to
congratulate having a tooth fall out!

2. SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY: Keys to having a Sweet Sixteen-
A set of 3 cardstock keys: one is the key to date, one to drive, and the
other is blank to parents to fill in (later curfew perhaps?). Just a little
something to make the 16th birthday special!

3. DANCE RECITAL: Tu-Tu Cute Dancer- A drink turned into a
dancer… complete with a tulle tu-tu and a sparkly leotard… great to give
any little dancer before or after a recital! “You are tu-tu cute of a dancer!”

BABY – A movie themed gift using a red/white striped popcorn bag, treats,
and a custom ticket that says, “REDEEM FOR ONE BABY – available in 9
months). Details include the word “expecting” on one side of the ticket and
the numbers 09 (months pregnant) 40 (weeks pregnant) and 280 (days
pregnant). Fun little gift to give to announce you’re expecting!

** Another cute idea not shown on Studio 5 today is to buy a
children’s book and write in the front page a special note saying, “Please
read this to me in _______ (month of your due date). Love, Baby (last
name). Tie a big ribbon on it and give it to family members!

Another idea is to wait until you know the sex of your baby and
buy a half dozen “it’s a girl/boy” latex balloons. Wrap them up in a large
box and take the gift to your next family party. Don’t let the secret out by
wrapping in baby wrapping paper! When the gift is opened, the balloons
will fly out, announcing your news!

5. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Frog Bag – We have included 3
plastic frogs (the old fashioned kind that hop when you push on their
back), 3 flies (for the frogs to catch) and a tag that reads, “As you’re
HOPPING off to your first day of school, don’t FROGet that we love you!” I
am definitely giving this to my new little kindergartner this year! We also
have “how to survive going to college” survival kits in our store for your
older children…

6. CONGRATULATIONS (for just about any occasion):
Mountain Dew combined with favorite treats and a tag that reads,
“Congrats! We knew you could DEW it!” I’m partial to this because I might
be a little addicted to the Dew!

(on accomplishing something really hard!): We have taken a 5×7 card that
reads, “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” and added it to some gourmet candy. A
perfect reminder for anyone that they can indeed accomplish what they set
out to! The card can be hung on the fridge, a mirror, or even given in a
frame. This is a very popular gift for lots of occasions (even to give to a
friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer or a friend who is going
thru a divorce).

8. NO CAVITIES: An EXTRA reward for the kids who don’t have
any cavities! Since you don’t really want to give candy as a reward, we’ve
taken a water bottle and added a cute wrap that reads, “NO CAVITIIES! All
that EXTRA cleaning really paid off!” A package of sugar free EXTRA gum
and a little toy is tied to the neck of the water bottle.

child’s first score, give them a little gift with (what else?) a SKOR chocolate
bar. Customize the bag with the sport: soccer, baseball (big league chew
gum), or football items. Tag simply says, “SKOR!! Great job today!”

Other unique gifts we have made up for our guests include:

-PMS Survival Kit (check our blog for details),

-A family getting sealed in the temple – smiley gumballs and a tag that
reads, “Smile! Now you’re stuck together forever!”

We can custom make a gift for ANY occasion, just call or email with the
details and we will put our creativity to work! You can find Pioneer Party
and Gift at 154 West Main Street in Lehi – 801-768-3549 or online at
http://pioneerpartyandgift.com/ .

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