Cheering on the Team

Duffel Bag

Transform a plain duffel bag, into a personal bag for your child to use season after season, or into a personalized bag of thanks for the coach.


Duffel Bag

Iron-on transfer paper

Team photo


Print a team photo onto a sheet of transfer paper, and then iron it onto the duffel bag, following the transfer paper directions. (To make the picture changeable, cut a rectangular hole out of the duffel bag, just smaller than the picture. In the rectangle, sew two pieces of clear vinyl around the two sides and bottom of the rectangle. Leave the top open so the picture can slide in between the two layers of vinyl and change any time you’d like.)

To make your bag a special care kit for the Coach’s use, stock the finished bag with souvenirs and sports supplies, such as a photo scrapbook of the season, a gift certificate, bandages, instant ice packs, hair ties, a water bottle, and equipment specific to the sport.

Hint: You can also give each player a small circle of the iron-on transfer paper to sign and mark with their team number; then iron each circle on the bag.

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

These pom-poms are an irresistible way to get everyone on the sideline involved in cheering on the team!


Tissue paper in team colors (at lease 12 sheets)

2 short ¼-inch dowels

Clear tape


Begin by placing 4 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and fold them in half. Cut 1-inch wide strips through all layers, stopping just short of the fold so the strips will hold together. Starting at fold on one corner, roll folded edge tightly around end of dowel. Use tape to secure wrapped paper to the dowel. Repeat entire process at least two more times to make the ball fluffy.

Spirit Shirt

Show your support as a die-hard fan by creating this simple shirt for you and your family…and other team member’s family if you’re having too much fun to stop.


T-shirt (pre-washed, desired color)


Cotton fabric (in desired colors for lettering or pictures)

Iron-on adhesive (we used Steam-A-Seam2 Fusible Web)

Pattern (we used computer-printed letters*)


*Important Reminder: When doing letters, print them backwards (flipped horizontally). They will be backwards when you trace them onto the iron-on adhesive and when you adhere them onto the wrong side of the fabric. Once they are cut out, you turn them the correct way to adhere them to the shirt.


Print your pattern using letters, pictures, or clip art. You can also use a team logo as long as it can be flipped for tracing. Following package directions, trace your pattern onto adhesive paper. Roughly cut around, leaving some space around the edges of your pattern. Put adhesive on wrong side of fabric. (I ironed for a few seconds to keep it in place.) Cut out shapes/letters on lines. Peel paper backing from adhesive and place onto t-shirt as desired. Press in place with iron for 10-15 seconds.

Jersey Pillow

Turn your child’s team shirt into a post season souvenir that can be enjoyed all year long!


Jersey (pre-washed)

Scissors (pinking shears optional)

Square pillow form (ours was 14 inches)

Iron-on adhesive (we used Steam-A-Seam2 Fusible Tape)



From the front and back of the shirt, cut a square at least 2 inches larger than the pillow. (If you only want to use one side of the shirt, you can use any color of pre-washed cotton fabric for the back square.) Line the edges of the back (wrong side of the fabric) of one square with strips of adhesive and apply according to package directions. (I ironed for about 3 seconds before removing the paper backing.) Remove the paper backing from 3 of the strips, and lay the other fabric square on top (right side out). Iron together edges. Insert pillow through side remaining open; remove paper backing from last strip and iron together final edge. For a decorative finish, trim the edges of the pillow with pinking shears.

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