Jerry Seiner Dealerships: “Botox” for Your Car

Anthony Greenhalgh with Jerry Seiner Dealerships could be considered our “plastic surgeon” and, of course, we’re not actually talking botox, but making your car look younger through car enhancements … to prolong that new look.

Last year alone $4 billion were spent on enhancements for upgrades to the interior and exteriors of America’s cars. What are some areas you might want to enhance on your car?

Dirty Carpeting: Can you clean it, and if so, how? If not, is it better to buy new ones. Car dealerships like Jerry Seiner Dealerships or automotive suppliers can provide you with new carpet for your car or special cleaners to remove hard-to-remove stains.

Sunshades: Because sunshades are considered safety equipment, if this area needs repair in your car, it must be replaced by an authorized dealership.

Torn Upholstery: Dealerships can help with returning torn upholstery to a brand new look and making it look brand new.

Door Panels and Scuff Marks: Trim shops can replace seats or door panels that look like new and provide cleaners to remove scuffs.

Paint Chips: Should be covered as quickly as possible to avoid rust. Get touch up supplies or put a little clear nail polish. These colors can be found for every car and color ever built or created.

Scratch kits: Scratch repair kits are available including finishing deep scratches as well.

Small dents: These can be fixed with paintless dent repair kits and found through local automotive suppliers.

Contact your car dealership or Jerry Seiner Dealerships for advice and supplies for these and any other repairs you might need.

For all your car care needs as well as new and used cars, stop by the Jerry Seiner Dealerships in Bountiful, Salt Lake City and South Jordan or go online at

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