☺ Benefits to the Child

The Child & Adult Care Food Program offers lifetime benefits. Proper nutrition during the early years of childhood ensures appropriate development and reduces physical and educational problems later in life. The preschool years are when eating patterns and habits are being established that may determine the quality of one’s diet throughout life. Children who are in day care with providers who participate in the CACFP are given the opportunity of nutrition education by providers who understand their role in shaping attitudes towards acceptance of nutritious food. This program can contribute to preventing the problem of our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic.

☺ Benefits for the Parents

Parents are assured that their children will be served high quality meals. The benefit is children are less likely to experience fatigue and illness, and less time a parent must be absent from work. The child will be healthier, happier and develop at a normal physical, emotional and intellectual pace. It also may lower their cost of child care.

☺ Benefits for the Family Child Care Provider

Providers receive valuable nutrition education to meet the nutritional needs of children, including food safety and on site technical assistance in meeting program requirements. Providers are reimbursed monthly most of the cost for feeding the children up to two meals and a snack (or two snacks and a meal) daily. The subsidies allow providers to buy higher quality food for less out-of-pocket expense.

Utah currently has eight sponsors who work with provider’s state wide. Providers interested in participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program can contact our office at 801-538-7681 or 538-7755 for more information.

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