Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Yard

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Yard

Before you find the flowers – you need to consider color! And the fashion world could be your best guide.

Raili Nieznanski with Estrada Farms shares how to pick a color scheme for your yard.

You know how you drive or walk around your neighborhood and you see those homes with the perfect yard? The yard to die for? Obviously, they must have had a licensed professional landscape designer choose all the right plants because it looks fabulous and you are green with envy. Why doesn’t your yard look that good?

Well….it can. And it’s not that hard either. The basic principles of design that are used in home décor or even fashion design can be applied to your landscape choices. And the design element with the biggest instant impact is COLOR. A consistent color story helps to unify your space. Your yard becomes more visually appealing. It has that “wow” factor. You get curb appeal. From your trees and shrubs, to your perennials, to annuals, there are lots of color choices. How do you choose the right ones?

The color wheel can help.

Here are some basic color ideas from the color wheel:


Triadic Colors

red, yellow, blue

orange, purple, green

blue violet, red orange, yellow green

Complementary Colors






Analogous Colors

two, three, or four colors next to each other on the wheel

Monochromatic Colors

various shades and variations of one hue

Hot or Cool Colors

all warm colors, or all cool colors


focusing on texture and variations of dark and light rather than color

Which color scheme should you choose? One great source of color inspiration is the world of fashion.

Every year Pantone, the fashion industry’s leading color trend forecaster, picks THE colors for the coming season. They even go so far as to pick THE color of the year. Well, you don’t have to keep all that gorgeous color hiding in your closet. Here are Pantone’s colors for Spring 2011.

NOTE: In a garden, green is the neutral. Everything goes with green.

Below are some plant suggestions that fit the Pantone colors for Spring 2011. Don’t be afraid to make some bold choices. The key to a consistent and balanced look is repetition. Repeat the same colors in trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals, and even in your garden art and pots.


Guara (Belleza Dark Pink)

Amaranto (Joseph’s Coat)

English Daisy

Cuphea (Angelface Pink, Flamenco Tango)

Heuchera Coral Bells (Bressingham Hybrid)


Calibrachoa (Aloha Hot Pink)

Calla Lily (Garnet Glow)

Petunia (Potunia Lobster)

Monarda Bee Balm (Marshall’s Delight)

Weigelia (Florida Minuet)


Sphaeralcea Munro Globemallow

Gerbera Gerber Daisy

Calibrachoa (Aloha Hot Orange)

Geranium (Maverick Orange)

Gerbera “Gerber” Daisy

Lantana (Desert Sunset)


Flax foliage

Iris foliage

Hosta foliage

Sedum “Vera Jameson”

Carnation foliage

Elijah Blue Fescue


Golden Edge Euonymous

Coreopsis (Nana)


Zinnia (Dreamland Yellow)

Osteospermum (Peach Symphony)

Cala Lily





Petunia (Super Cascade Blush)

Supertunia (Vista Silverberry)

Aethionema Persian Stonecress

Baby’s Breath

Geranium (Apple Blossom)

Euphorbia (Breathless Blush)

Argyranthemum (Fireball Red, Comet Pink)


Hibiscus (Maple Sugar)

Sweet Potato Vine (Sweet Georgia Bronze)

Toffee Twist Sedge

Firecracker Fountain Grass

Sedum (Postman’s Pride)

Solenostemon (Alabama Coleus)


Truly blue flowers or foliage, especially blue-green flowers, are almost impossible to find. They all tend towards lavender. If you want to incorporate this color into your yard, consider pottery, painted furniture, and other yard art.


Truly blue flowers or foliage, especially blue-green flowers, are almost impossible to find. They all tend towards lavender. If you want to incorporate this color into your yard, consider pottery, painted furniture, and other yard art.



Salvia (Blue Hill)





Jacobs Ladder

Angelonia (Spreading Blue)

Nierembergia (Blue Eyes Cupflower)

Petunia (Ultra Sky Blue)

Ageratum (Blue Danube)

Pincusion Flower (Butterfly Blue)

Turkish Veronica



Dusty Miller

Baby’s Breath

Cerastium “Snow in Summer”


Cape Blanco Sedum

Helichrysum (White Licorice)

Marrubium (Silver Heels Horehound)

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